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New vision for Vientiane’s future unveiled

City authorities have unveiled a new vision for the capital, aiming for it to be a city of peace and happiness in the coming years.
According to the vision statement, which was this week issued from the Vientiane Mayoral Office and published on the Lao Official Gazette website, five strategic goals need to be worked on for Vientiane’s advancement towards 2030.

Strategic goal one is to ease traffic congestion in Vientiane. This will be achieved with the expansion of road infrastructure.  Namely, an improved public transportation system is required, better car parking facilities are needed and traffic lights and proper signage needs to be installed along the city’s streets and roads. Under this strategic goal, the plan is to reduce the number of private car and motorbike users on the roads by 10 percent a year.  The city has definite plans to improve public transport services.
The second strategic goal is to maintain public safety. This refers to safety on the roads, maintaining a low rate of crime, ensuring food hygiene standards are maintained and keeping the city free from outbreak of disease.
As part of the safety measures to be undertaken, CCTV cameras will soon be installed along the main roads and some populated urban areas.
Security officials are also likely to be given greater power to address criminal behaviour in some settings. Health officials will also be trained to be able to inspect and assess the safety of foods.
The third strategic goal is about improving the general happiness and wellbeing of people. This goal will be achieved with a reduced rate of unemployment and as people gain greater access to quality health and education services.
Social harmony is indicated by low rates of divorce and conflicts resulting in violence.
The fourth strategic goal is to strengthen the capacity of the city to manage the outbreak of fire. The implementation of this will include training officials and the general public about fire safety and what to do in an emergency.
All workplaces, both public and private, along with residential homes will need to be equipped with the tools and equipment to manage a small fire if it occurs.
There is an element of urban planning and development with this goal as the modification of some streets and lanes may be needed to allow fire trucks to quickly cross the city.
The final goal is to eliminate illegal drug trafficking and use in Vientiane.
This means strong law enforcement is needed so that offenders are prosecuted under the law. Improved drug rehabilitation services for the city is also part of this strategic goal. 
Many people have commented favourably that Vientiane now has a new vision for the future with goals that everyone can understand and work towards. With such a statement, Vientiane is sure to be a healthy and prosperous city for many years to come.

By Ekaphone Phouthonesy
(Latest Update March 26, 2019)

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