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Dentist shares skills after graduate scholarship studies in Seoul

These days, Laos has several scholarships available for top students to study abroad thanks to the generosity of international partners.
The Republic of Korea is a popular choice for excellent students such as dentist and master’s graduate Ms Amphayvanh Homsavath, 37, of Phoxay village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane.
She received scholarships from the government of the Republic of Korea to study for a Master’s degree at Seoul National University Dental Hospital.

Ms Amphayvanh Homsavath graduated from Seoul National University in the Republic of Korea.

Now, Ms Amphayvanh is a teacher at the Faculty of Dentistry of University of Health Sciences in Laos. She explains how she succeeded in being awarded the scholarship in dentistry.
Q: How did you get your scholarship?
A: I was a student at the Faculty of Dentistry of University of Health Sciences in Laos. I had an interest to study in the Republic of Korea, and so then I applied for a scholarship to study for a Master’s Degree at Seoul National University.
I had a good academic background in the field and achieved fine results as a student as my test scores were good, so I was considered for the Seoul National University, School of Dentistry for the Graduate Scholarship for Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS) Programme.
Moreover, University of Health Sciences in Laos has been undertaking cooperation with the Seoul National University in Korea since 2006 to upgrade teaching and learning skills in Laos for teachers and students alike.
Q: Why was this scholarship important for you?
A: This scholarship was important for me because it gave me the occasion to study in the Republic of Korea which was my dream. I think the knowledge I received from the graduate program in the Republic of Korea was worthwhile for me, because it upgraded my education and skill in dentistry.
Q: What programs did you study?
A: I graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine in Dental Surgery at Faculty of Dentistry, University of Health Sciences in Laos before pursuing my Master’s Degree in Dental Sciences (Dental prevention and public health).
And that, I received the fellowship in clinical pediatric dentistry (Under Korean Foundation International Healthcare by Lee Jong-wook Seoul Project) through the Seoul National University of Dental Hospital, Pediatric Dentistry from 2016-2017.
Q: What do you like in Republic of Korea?
A: I like the modern working system in Korea and the facilities for the convenient supply and exchange of information in education as well as the chance to share knowledge with friends from Korea and abroad. Additionally, I especially like the culture in Republic of Korea.
Q: What do you do in your free time in Republic of Korea?
A: In my free time I learned Korean language and I was a volunteer to help dentists serve patients at a dental clinic.
Q: What knowledge did you bring home to develop Laos after you graduated?
A: Since I graduated, I am using my knowledge to treat children’s oral health include decayed tooth prevention using fluoride, including giving advice about children’s oral health care and preventative treatments to them and their parents.
Besides that, I am still involved in the project of health protection in primary schools, under the lead of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Sports.
The health prevention project includes hand washing, brushing teeth and efforts to kills germs and parasites.
Moreover, under this scheme we also upgrade knowledge for Lao dentists to help development towards improved treatment of patients in cooperation with dentistry with international partners.
Q: How many years have you been a teacher?
A: I have been teaching for about seven years, and I have also taught postgraduate students.
Q: Does your family support you in learning?
A: My family is very important psychological support for me. Even though I studied so far from my home, and my study was hard, I was happy and my spirits rose whenever I thought of my family.
My family were proud of me when they saw me receive post graduate degree and certification.
Q:  Do you have any suggestions for people who seek scholarships from Republic of Korea?
A: Students seeking the chance to vie for scholarships can seek information at https://www.useoul.edu/notice?bm=v&bbsidx=123369 or the Website of Seoul National University in Republic of Korea.
In addition, those who can speak or write in the Korean language will receive special priority.

By Siladda Souliyong
(Latest Update June 3, 2017 )

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