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Outstanding student physics explains her success

Everyone has their own special talent, whether it be in cooking, dancing, singing or some other area, while some lucky people find their niche in education.
Many students find physics a very difficult subject, but Ms Feuangfar Inthachinda is an exception and has surprised everyone by falling in love with this field of science.

Outstanding student Ms Feuangfar Inthachinda (right) poses with her teacher and the certificate she was awarded after taking part in the physics exam..

Ms Feuangfar, 17, from Hadxaifong district in Vientiane is a pupil at Sithantay Secondary School and recently represented her school as an outstanding student in the Grade 7 physics exam in Hadxaifong district.
Vientiane Times asked about her study tips and her plans for the future:
Q: How did you become so good at physics?
A: I always noted down the important points of every lesson and went over them when I got home to make sure I understood everything. I also attended tutorials in physics after school every day to further boost my knowlege.
Q: Why do you like physics so much?
A: I find it quite easy to understand and I enjoy it. Funnily enough, I find other subjects quite difficult.
Q: How many times have you represented your school in the district’s outstanding physics exam?
A: Twice. I represented my school when I was in Grade 4 and again this year in Grade 7.
Q: What support do you get from your family?
A: My family has always been supportive of everything concerning my education. They found a teacher to give me extra physics lessons at home every weekend.
Q: Do you have any suggestions for other students intending to take part in the outstanding physics exam?
A: I think every subject is important, not only physics. If students want to represent their school in this exam, they should take as many notes as possible in class and go over them when they get home. Students should also concentrate on a subject they enjoy, because you are more likely to succeed and spend time studying it. If you enjoy and are interested in a particular subject you will spend more time learning more about it.  
Q: How do you organise your time?
A: I allocate five days for classes at school and two for studying at home on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Afterwards I go to the cinema or play sports. 
Q: Have you got other talents besides your schoolwork?
A: I’m good at traditional dancing, which I also enjoy.
Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: I want to study at a higher level and go as far as I can. I’ve got my sights on the Faculty of Science at the National University of Laos, so I hope to get through the entrance exam.
Vientiane Times also asked Ms Feuangfar’s teacher about her special qualities:
Q: Do you have any special teaching methods to draw out your students’ talents?
A: I try my best to pass on all of my knowledge to my students, but Feuangfar is outstanding and is better than others in her class. She is also a fast learner. She’s smart and always asks questions when she wants to know more.
Vientiane Times asked Ms Feuangfar’s parents about their daughter’s study habits:
Q: What’s her daily routine at home?
A: She wakes up early to get breakfast for the family, including her younger brother who she loves a lot. After school she attends a special class every evening and after dinner she looks over the notes she took and then goes to bed.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update May 6, 2017 )

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