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Thongkang Primary School is a model for schools in Laos and across Asean

Thongkang Primary School is an excellent model for schools in Vientiane and the provinces of Laos as well as other Asean countries.

The school has actively implemented the directions and policies of the Ministry of Educations and Sports, and strictly followed the relevant rules and regulations.

The school also regularly and actively makes its own development plans for each academic year and effectively implements them.

Students seen in a laboratory.

The school has completed nine development programmes and made considerable achievements in recent a cademic years, such as the weak student training programme, teaching English by offered curriculum, a programme for children cleaning their mouth, teeth and hands, health promotion, abacus teaching, and having students finish the primary level yearly with no dropouts.

These factors have helped the school to become a model for others at the primary level.

The school has also bagged several awards, such as the outstanding model in green environment at the Asean level in 2015 that was awarded in Myanmar, model for quality school in Vientiane in 2013, clean and good quality for Vientiane in 2012, and model school for Sisattanak district in 2002.

Alongside these achievements, the school has gained other titles, such as a model for health promotion for which it won a silver medal; model for administration and management of knowledge exchange for school admini stra tors across the country; outstanding green school; and a venue for knowledge exchange among teachers of Sisattanak and other districts of Vientiane as well as from other provinces and foreign countries. In 2016, it was chosen as the venue for testing a pilot project using a new curriculum for primary schools.

The school's Principal, Ms Khounvilay Khenkitisack, was the Lao nominee to receive this year's Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Award in Thailand for the school's good hygiene programmes.

The “quality school model” is the biggest target and a key title for the best school in all aspects awarded by the Ministry of Education and Sports, but is given only if a school stringently follows and practises several directions and conditions.

Thongkang Primary School actively carried out its plans and passed all the steps to bag this title and other major awards.

Ms Khounvilay said she and all members of the administration board and the teachers are very happy and appreciate the achievements of the school.

“Being a model or an outstanding school is not too hard, but everyone involved, such as the teachers and students, must cooperate with each other in following the directions and conditions, implementing plans, and working together to reach the goals,” she said.

“Our school has worked hard for many years to actively implement and follow the policies and directions of the Ministry of Education and Sports while competing with other schools in Vientiane to become a model of excellence. As a result, we have won many accolades.”

“As well as the other directors, I have led my school in these achievements by working hard with the teachers to make proper plans and disseminating them to students. We have also worked hard to educate and instruct them. We regularly lead students in various activities during each academic year. Of course, we will continue to make greater achievements in all f ields.”

Thongkang Primary School is located in Thongkang village,f Sisattanak district. It was established in 1993 and the cost of construction was shared equally by the government and the community.

In the beginning, the school lacked many things, such as proper buildings, electricity, fans, and comfortable toilets. The school also did not have a wall or trees.

These factors required the school's administration board and teachers to cooperate with surrounding villages to raise funds and work actively to make short- and long-term plans for improving and developing the school. They also campaigned for funds from the children's parents, the local community and businesses within the village.

Since 1997, the school has been improved and developed in all aspects and has have a better image.

Many development projects by the government and private organisations have helped the school. All projects implemented in this school have got positive results, which has been a factor in attracting more organisations and firms to visit the school and offer funds.

This has also helped the school improve in all aspects and made it more modernised.

There are two buildings comprising five classrooms (a class for each level, year one to year five), offices and libraries. Its compound is covered with trees and the surrounding environment is clean.

The school has strict rules and regulations for its students as well as for the school buildings. The teachers and students are asked to excel and serve as models for others.

There are seven teachers and more than 300 students in the school this year. All these teachers were selected as “Excellent Teachers” of Sisattanak district, while six were chosen at the capital level, and five at the national level.

Among the school's future plans is ensuring that one hundred percent of students pass the final examinations and finish primary level every year, meaning there are no dropouts.


By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update September 16 , 2017 )

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