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Fishmonger recounts life in the raw

The sound of vendors chopping pork and fish echoes around Nongduang market in Vientiane as Ms Toun Inthavong uses a big sharp knife and a pestle to hammer the knife and cut big pieces of Mekong fish for the local and foreign customers who wait in lin e at her stall.

... More >>>

- Crayfish help a farmer earn a better income for his family
For many years, Mr Anouvong Luangxay (Nou) was downhearted because his efforts at rearing animals did not lead to profits that would supplement the income from his farm. ... More >>>
- Vientiane school promotes road safety
Shortly before 4 pm on Monday to Friday each week, a group of students and teachers at Vientiane Secondary School walk to the busy road outside and prepare to stop vehicles so that other students can safely cross the street. ... More >>>
- Young Lao fashionista makes waves on catwalk
A boy from the southern province of Champassak has achieved his dream of being a fashion designer and creating his own brand, helping to bring the Lao fashion industry to international attention. ... More >>>
- Organic crops eating into veggie sales
Organic croppers serving the capital's markets are shifting produce in increasing volumes, generating significant incomes for households and local communities. ... More >>>
- Eat Me Café serves up popular menu for young crowd
Eat Me Café is a small restaurant, which opened only two years ago, serving popular snacks and dishes very popular with teens and young adults. ... More >>>
- Agriculture teacher successfully follows his dream
Thousands of tudpoles and young amphibians are enjoying dipping up and down in ponds and prepared nets. These animals are a successful outcome of breeding research by MrTiengkham Syavong, a teacher at Dongkhamxang Agriculture Technical School in Hadxaifong district, Vientiane. ... More >>>
- How two Lao photographers achieved success with their studio
The Moment Wedding studio has become one of the most popular studios in Laos by using social media, especially Facebook, to share its beautiful pictures and videos of marriages. ... More >>>
- Young businessman celebrates decade on air with Lao Star
Amid a strongly growing economy, the number of enterprises is on the rise in Laos, a land-locked country with a population of almost 7 million people. ... More >>>
- Charity team gives from the heart direct to rural communities
The Paiduaychai Haiduayhak volunteer team was begun by a normal everyday fellow who loves adventure, taking photos, and giving social assistance in rural areas. ... More >>>
- Chinese senior citizens reveal secrets of long life
 Beijing: China is a country where the life expectancy is more than 80 years and people live longer than most around the world. ... More >>>
- Lao sausages' unique tastes from ancient recipes, local ingredients
The smoke hanging over the streets of cities and towns across Laos in the early mornings and late afternoons is a sign that a variety of food is being grilled for hungry customers travelling to or from work and home... More >>>
- Visitors flock to four-ways for Vatsira's insect-friendly fare
nsects have long been a favourite local snack in Laos but are now also proving increasingly successful in attracting curious foreign tourist groups to 4 Junction Beer Vatsira in the heart of Vientiane. ... More >>>
- Orlam stew a chief among Luang Prabang cuisine
Luang Prabang is known well for its world heritage values, recognised as the most famo us region of Laos for visitors. ... More >>>
- Tam Marktong a salad instead of a coffee break to refresh energy
Some Lao people are likely to eat a lot at lunch because they skip breakfast due to the limited time in the morning or because they are engaged in very hard work and need more energy. ... More >>>
- Katu textile, traditional clothes shine among foreigners
Currently, fashion and clothes from overseas or Western societies are popular with Lao people, especially teenagers.
On the other hand, some foreigners are interested in traditional Lao textiles style. ... More >>>

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