Do you approve of snitching on people who dump rubbish on roadsides?

Mr Sitthiphone, an official in Xayaboury province: Public mobilisation to assist authorities in their work is a very good idea. We all have a duty to cooperate, and people who dump rubbish should be taken to task for making our neighbourhoods unpleasant for everybody else. Also, I believe that children are our future.  We should teach them about the importance of understanding and caring for our environs so that the places we live in remain clean and green. Adults need to set a good example too.  Children often imitate the behaviours of their parents and guardians. 


Ms Viengmone Phimchanthaphone, a student in Vientiane province: Sometimes I see residents cleaning the streets, but not very often. Some roadsides have a lot of plastic bags and it seems that no one really cares about it. I don’t understand why people don’t use authorised garbage collection and disposal services to deal with their waste. Stronger punishments for offenders might help reduce the dumping of illegal rubbish on roadsides and in the bush. I like the idea of everyone cooperating to report offenders.  Rewarding community members is a great way to incentivise community action.  I would like to see the programme implemented across the whole country so that the forests and rivers have the same protections as Vientiane. That way all of Laos might end up cleaner.

Mr Hongkham, a resident of Vientiane: Plastic bags are a very big problem. Many people don’t pay any attention to how many they use and throw away each day.  So many people seem oblivious to the fact that plastic takes an extremely long time to break down.  During festivals, plastic bag littering is at its worst.  The terrible environmental impacts of plastic bags should be taught in schools so that, as they grow up, people will choose to carry and store items in reusable, biodegradable bags instead. A clean environment protects biodiversity and entices visitors. Everyone needs to take responsibility for keeping Laos beautiful.

Ms Arthid Thammavongsa, a government official in Vientiane: The spread of plastic rubbish is endless in Vientiane. There is barely a roadside in the city that doesn’t have plastic bags and trash lining it. The city’s administration has a good household waste collection service.  However, the clean-ups done by volunteers in various locations offer no lasting solution to the city’s waste problems.  Laws and rules exist to curb littering and the burning of trash.  These laws should be enforced with heavy fines.  As well as punitive measures, I think the administration should work with vendors, shop owners and businesses to come up with cost effective alternatives to plastic packaging.  This way there would not be so much plastic flooding our streets and open spaces.

Ms Phaimaniphone, an official in Xaythany district, Vientiane: I’ve seen people dumping rubbish on the roadside in my village. It’s a really terrible thing to do.  Most of the time people know they are doing the wrong thing when they offload waste in a public place. I agree with the initiative to have the public help catch criminals.  Most people have a smart device of some sort these days and taking a picture or capturing a video is not a difficult thing to do.  If it helps stop the illegal dumping of rubbish then I am all for it.  Everyone needs to appreciate our landscape and do what they can to keep our country clean, green and beautiful.

By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update February 7, 2019)

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