How do you feel about returning to school for the new term?

The primary and secondary school term started early this month and students are already three weeks into their studies. Vientiane Times ventured out
to Namcheng Primary School in rural Huayxai district of Bokeo province
to ask students for their thoughts about going back to school.

A very basic classroom at Namcheng Primary School in Huayxai, Bokeo province.

Wai, 8-years old, grade 3: I don’t really like to study because it’s hard to understand and quite boring listening to the teacher sometimes. I like it more when the teachers play games with us but we don’t often have games to play in class time. I want to have more activities in the school such as games playing, drawing pictures, playing sport and some competitions.

Aum, 9-years old, grade 4: I am happy that school has returned because my parents bought me a new school uniform, bag, books and pencils. I like my school because I have many friends and I like to study. I like to spend my time at the school and we can play football together in the evening or class break. I want to study because I want to grow up with more knowledge. I also want to study in the city because there are many beautiful schools and fun things to do.

Nadim Keophaila, 8-years old, grade 4: I like it more being at school than in the village or on the farm with my parents because at school there are many things to do with my friends. I like class break time because we get to play together. We can play with our toys together that we find ourselves and some parents have made for us which we bring from home. I also like reading short folktale books but we don’t have a library with books to read. I also like to read the textbooks but there are not many and the stories in them are not really that much fun.

Orlady, 10-years old, grade 5: I like to study, listen and follow the teachers when they are telling us something. I don’t like to talk or make noise in class especially when the teacher is teaching. During the class break, I like to play with my friends. I always do my homework at home. I would like to have a beautiful school and clean classrooms. I think my school is quite dirty as the walls are covered with messy paintings and writing done by some of the more mischievous pupils. Our tables are also too old.

Lathip Seychang, 9-years old, grade 4: There’s not that much to do at school but I like to go every day. I like drawing pictures and like it very much when the teacher asks us to draw any picture that we like. I would like to have more dance performances as we hold for celebrating Teacher’s Day because I like watching my friends dance and sing. I also like to dance sometimes.

By Patithin Phetmeuangphuan
(Latest Update September 25, 2018)

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