How can we get government officials and students to avoid alcohol shops, entertainment venues while in uniform?
Authorities in Oudomxay have warned government officials and students shouldn’t wear uniforms when they go to drink or use services at alcohol shops, bars and entertainment venues because it will create a bad image for government organisations and educational institutes. In order to implement this directive, the authorities have directed village officials and owners of entertainment venues to seriously follow the warning.
Vientiane Times asked members of the public for their opinion on the issue.

Ms Phimpha, a resident of Phonhong district, Vientiane province: I think it is a good idea that the authorities have warned government officials and students not to wear uniforms when they enter entertainment venues and alcohol shops. In my view, it isn’t appropriate and it creates a bad image to be wearing uniforms at these places. Furthermore, it will be better if the owners of these business take this warning seriously. I think this issue is not hard to tackle if all sectors and the public work together. I want all government officials and students to obey the warning as soon as possible to protect their image and to respect the regulations. We should respect the rules and cooperate with authorities in order to contribute to human resource development and our country’s development.


Mr Keaher Suasa, a student at the National University of Laos: When we pass by entertainment venues and alcohol shops in the evening, we often see a lot of customers in there are government officials and students, and we can tell by their uniforms. In my opinion, it isn’t good to wear uniforms to go to these places. It’s a good idea that the authorities have warned people to stop wearing uniforms to these places, I hope it will make our society better and give it a better image. I also think alcohol should not be sold or served near schools, hospitals and temples because this is not appropriate, and most such restaurants are very noisy and disturb the surrounding communities and institutions. Having too many entertainment venues always causes untoward incidents and makes society disorderly.

Mr Khamphet Keoxayyachack, an official in Phongsaly province: I have seen a lot of students wearing uniforms and drinking in entertainment venues. I think it isn’t a good thing for their educational institutions and our country. It is a good idea to warn them about wearing uniforms at entertainment venues. I think it will be good if these places play a role in supporting this warning. Customers who party at these places must not wear uniforms to preserve the image of their organisations and institutes. In addition, the relevant authorities should work hard to take stringent measures against those disregard the warning.

Mr Somebath Khotmany, a student at the National University of Laos: I agree with the warning, as it will help to protect organisations and educational institutions from alcohol and make society more orderly. If possible this warning should be implemented across the country and not only in Oudomxay province. In addition, the entertainment venues and alcohol shops should strictly respect the regulations and check identity cards to prevent drinking by young people under the age of 18. The government or authorities should consider regulations regarding this issue and adapt them properly in order to make them consistent. The public should cooperate with authorities to making our society orderly.

By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update October 05, 2018)

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