How important is it to have a flu vaccination?

The Ministry of Health last week provided flu vaccinations for government officials to ensure they remained healthy through the winter months. Vientiane Times went along to the event and asked participants for their thoughts on this kind of disease prevention strategy.

A ministry employee receives an injection.

Mr Sithong Siveunxay, a teacher at the National Institute of Fine Arts: I take part in the vaccination session organised by the Ministry of Health every year. It’s very good that the ministry organises this because vaccinations help keep us healthy and prevent the spread of influenza and other diseases. I’m very happy to be vaccinated. I would ask everyone who isn’t vaccinated to acknowledge how important it is and to take part in any further sessions that are organised by the authorities. I know that some kinds of influenza can be very dangerous and that people can die from this type of infection. Prevention is extremely important. I would like to thank the ministry for hosting these vaccination sessions and giving us a chance to be immunised free of charge. I will take part again next year.

Mr Tien Xaiyavong, a teacher at the National Institute of Fine Arts: It’s very good that the Ministry of Health provides free vaccinations for government staff. The ministry informed my institution about the event and all officials were invited to attend. I’m very happy to take part here with my colleagues. It is both good and necessary to be vaccinated because it can help to protect us from serious illness and also helps stop the spread of disease to others. As we know, if we aren’t healthy we won’t be able to work. If we are healthy we are able to contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. Parents should realise the importance of immunisation and make sure their children take advantage when vaccine is made available. Prevention is better than cure and it is much easier to get a single injection than it is coping with poor health after an infection takes hold.  Once vaccinated you are safer.  Winter is coming and it is children and the elderly who are most vulnerable to illness at this time. Everyone should help prevent the spread of disease by being immunised.

Ms Malaychan Vongchandy, an official with the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism: I’m very happy to be vaccinated against influenza along with my colleagues. I know that this vaccine can prevent four types of influenza and that it’s very beneficial for our health. Everyone should recognise the value of immunisation because if we stay healthy we can work more efficiently as well as better enjoy our time at home with family.

Ms Sengthong Kiewsouvath, an employee at the Mother and Child Health Centre, Ministry of Health: I understand the importance of influenza prevention and healthcare for personnel. Our ministry vaccinates personnel from various ministries every year.   We also distribute the vaccine to hospitals across Vientiane and the provinces. Today, we are inoculating people against four types of influenza including H1N1 and H2N3.  These strains are present in other countries and we hope to prevent the same thing happening here. The vaccine is provided by our government so that people can stay healthy. Currently it is provided free to government employees and those recognised as most vulnerable – pregnant women, the elderly and those with chronic diseases. When there is a sufficient quantity of vaccine available, free vaccinations will be made available to the general public too.

By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update November 14, 2018)

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