How is Viengxay preparing for the 50th anniversary of the liberation forces’ command centre?

The people of Viengxay district, Huaphan province, are preparing to welcome visitors for the 50th anniversary celebration of the district’s liberation forces’ command centre on November 30. During the event, authorities will commemorate the crucial role played by the command centre and its revolutionary leadership at the time. The celebrations will run from November 28-30. Vientiane Times visited the district to ask locals about the preparations that are underway.

Students rehearse their performance for the celebration.

Mr Aengsone Nammaninin, the Governor of Viengxay district:
Preparations are well under way here in Viengxay. The central committee is working responsibly and to good effect in encouraging all members of the community to make a contribution towards the celebrations.  We want to make sure that the event is safe and enjoyable for all those who attend and residents have been urged to warmly welcome all visitors.  Many roads have been upgraded and other infrastructure improvements, if not already completed, will definitely be finished before November 28.  Viengxay district can accommodate only about 150 visitors in hotels so homestays have been arranged for the large numbers of people expected to come here. People can also bring their own tents, or else stay in the provincial capital Xamneua or in neighbouring districts. As governor of Viengxay and on behalf of all officials and residents I would like to invite everyone to join us in celebrating this important event.

Mr Thongsavanh Xayninthong, a resident of Viengxay village, Viengxay district: Like many other families in the area, we have cleaned around our house, repainted the wall and hung out flags. My family has also prepared food and a place for people to sleep if guests need somewhere to stay. My family has been assigned to welcome about five guests. We will try our best to be good hosts to the people who stay with us and to all visitors to the district. I would like to invite people from all over the country to join us in the celebrations. Viengxay is a place of historical significance. It has many interesting places where people can learn about our history and the leaders of the revolution. There are also places of natural beauty that I am sure visitors will find enjoyable.

Mr Phouvone Bounthavikham, principal of Viengxay Secondary School: I am responsible for preparing the 600 students who will perform during the celebrations. Our rehearsals have gone extremely well and we will be ready on time. Along with all the students and teachers I am very proud to take part in this historic event and hope that it helps others to learn more about the fine district of Viengxay.  I would like to ask all members of the public to join us.

Mr Ki Vaher, a student at Viengxay Secondary School: I’m very happy to be a part of the preparations and celebrations that are coming up.  It’s an important event for the whole country, but especially for our district. I’m enjoying the rehearsals and the preparations in general. Many buildings and homes in the town have been cleaned and decorated so Viengxay is looking very nice at the moment. I think everyone should take part in the celebrations if they can because the traditions of our leaders set a good example for all.

By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update November 15, 2018)

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