A man uses his tractor to carry people through the water, while a motorbike and a pick-up truck try to get through a flooded road. 

How are you coping with the floods?

The Nam Ngum river has burst its banks and many houses in Saendin village, Naxaithong district, Vientiane, which is home to about 1,355 people, have been flooded and 1,300 hectares of farmland are submerged. The district is one of five in the capital to suffer from extensive flooding and Vientiane Times visited the area to see how the locals were dealing with the situation.

Ms Bounhom Amphonphong, a resident of Elay village, Naxaithong district: The water rose very fast and flooded many houses in Saendin village. I came here to bring cases of instant noodles and packs of water to help the authorities who are working 24 hours a day to help local people. I’m providing support to soldiers because most people are bringing food to people whose houses have been flooded, but I want to help the soldiers who are working hard to make sure people have enough food and water. This year the flooding has been extensive and it’s quite close to my village of Elay, where it rarely floods. But Saendin quite often suffers from flooding. I sell bamboo hats in the market in my village and I will try to encourage other vendors to help people who are struggling to cope in flooded areas.

Mrs Phim, a resident of Songpeuay village, Naxaithong district: Many people said there were a lot of fish in the flooded area of Saendin village because so many fishponds had overflowed. So I’m on my way there with my net, hoping to catch a lot of fish to eat and sell. In the rainy season I go fishing every day in my village to catch fish for my family. Just because I’m going to Saendin to get some fish doesn’t mean I’m not sorry for the people who’ve had to abandon their homes and are really struggling, but the fish are swimming free in the water. I hope that one day if I have money to spare I will be able to help people in need here.

A resident of Saendin village, Mr Khamsuan Phanouvong: This year, the flooding is worse than in other years and the water level is still rising so the floods are widespread. The water is 40 centimetres deep at my house and has flooded my three hectares of cassava as well as my rice field. I am now moving my herd of 30 or so cows to higher ground in the next village, to make sure they’re safe. I’ve still got some poultry at my house but they can get up to the top part of the house and also take refuge in the trees. The road through the village is also flooded and has been since August 26. Only tractors can get through and in some places you have to use boats to get to other parts of the village.

A mechanic living in Hongngua village, next to Saendin: Now that there are floods everywhere, many people are bringing their vehicles to me to repair after they’ve suffered damage of some kind because of the water. Even some pick-up trucks, which are being used to carry animals and other things that people want to move, have been affected by the high water level.  

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update September 6, 2018)

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