Should the Health Insurance Fund cover annual health checks?

A debate at the National Assembly on the draft Law on Health Insurance, which includes the Health Insurance Fund,

.. More >>>

- What are your impressions of ecotourism in Pakxong district?
Mystic Mountain Homestay and Coffee in Pakxong district offers visitors accommodation on a coffee farm that is a base for trekking and visiting
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- How can we prevent illegitimate marriages between Lao women and men of other nationalities?
On November 23, a National Assembly (NA) member from Luang Prabang province, Ms Vienvilay Deelaphanh, proposed several measures to resolve the problem of illegitimate marriages between foreign men and Lao women, who are at risk .. More >>>
- Do you think cultural exchanges between countries benefit youth?
The Lao Youth Union and the Indonesia Embassy engaged in a cultural exchange last week in Vientiane where mutual understanding and cooperation between the two cultures was promoted. The event featured a variety of performances by young people from.. More >>>
- Focus on people to build smart communities and cities
VIETNAM (The Asian Writers’ Circle/ANN) -- While talks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart cities and digital connection become trendy, the focus should be on making our existing communities smart first to ensure no one is left behind... More >>>
- What can we teach primary school students about environmental protection?
Keeping our immediate surroundings clean and protecting the environment should be primary targets. Recently, the World Bank and .. More >>>
- Why ratifying the human rights convention is an issue in Malaysia
MALAYSIA (Asian Writers’ Circle/Ann) -- Malaysians fear loss of special status for Malays if the ratification were to go ahead. .. More >>>
- What should be done to improve Lao films?
The Lao movie “The Last Voice” hit cinema screens across the country at the end of last month. It is the second feature film from .. More >>>
- What lessons in leadership can we learn from President Kaysone Phomvihane?
President Kaysone Phomvihane is a leader known for his devotion and bravery while fighting to protect Laos... More >>>
- End of a golden era for fraudulent state-funded projects 
Last week, the government told the National Assembly it had saved more than 3.5 trillion kip (almost US$419 million) by preventing the money being spent on overvalued state-funded projects... More >>>
- What are your thoughts about ordinary government officials being asked to contribute financially to celebrations for Laos’ important days?
Local Facebook users recently shared an official announcement about raising funds from ordinary working officials for celebrations of important national events, especially the 70th anniversary of Lao People’s Army Day... More >>>
- New BOL governor has key role to play
The leadership of the newly appointed governor of the Bank of the Lao PDR (BOL) will be critical in enhancing the role of the central bank in managing the stability and liquidity of foreign currencies and stimulating economic growth.   . More >>>
- How did the audience feel about the Mirinda Cheerleading Contest 2018?
The Mirinda Cheerleading Contest 2018 featured 17 teams of students and youngster from schools, universities and institutions from across Vientiane that competed in two categories - Cheer Dance and Cheer Mix. The contest was colourful and exciting.. More >>>
- What do you think about the government’s policy of making electricity cheaper for the agricultural sector?
The government is formulating a policy to help farmers by lowering the cost of the electricity they consume for irrigation by 50 percent and livestock farms will pay 30 percent less in 2019. Some people are also asking if the reductions .. More >>>
- What do you think about the government’s decision to reduce its annual quota of new civil servants for 2019?
The government will cut the annual quota of new civil servants from 3,000 this year to 1,500 in 2019 to ease the budgetary burden, .. More >>>
- What problems do you face as a coffee farmer?
Pakxong is known as the land of Lao coffee, with most locals earning a living from the crop, which is a significant export product... More >>>
- What issues interest you during the ongoing National Assembly debates?
National Assembly members are engaged in a month of debates as they make decisions on matters of national importance. .. More >>>
- What’s your assessment of the country’s development as we celebrate 43 years of the Lao PDR?
Laos celebrates December 2 as National Day every year. This year marks the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the Lao state. Vientiane Times asked members of the public for their thoughts on Laos’ progress and what more should be done to achieve development goals... More >>>
- What can be done to help new graduates find jobs?
The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Sports are joining forces to help new graduates find jobs... More >>>
- What are the advantages of learning a practical skill rather than training for an office job?
Today’s job market is centred on providing labour for factories, which are experiencing a severe worker shortage. But a thesis written by a graduate student at Lao-Top College under the Ministry of Education.. More >>>
- What are your impressions of public transport in Pakxong?
Pakxong district in Champassak province is known for its coffee farms and is much touted as a tourist destination but transport is inefficient .. More >>>
- Connecting Europe and Asia ties
Europe and Asia have a centuries-old common history. Today the contacts between the two continents are reaching an unprecedented level – together Europe and Asia account for almost 70 percent of global population and over 60 percent of the world’s GDP. .. More >>>
- Will it be an improvement to pay land tax at banks?
A new method of land tax payment will be introduced next year, whereby people can pay the tax directly into a bank either at the counter, .. More >>>
- Asia-Pacific takes stock of ambitious development targets
Ministers and senior policymakers across Asia and the Pacific are gathered in Bangkok this week to focus on population dynamics at a crucial time for the region. Their goal: to keep people and rights at the heart of the region’s push for sustainable development. .. More >>>
- What can be done to protect women against violence?
Women’s rights activists have observed November 25 as a day to make a stand against gender-based violence since 1981 and the date has been designated International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. .. More >>>
- What’s being done to ease the bureaucracy surrounding changes to driving licences? 
In order for drivers to have a valid licence for use in other countries, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has announced that all Lao driving licences must carry details in English. But this can only be done at the Vehicle Registration and Driving Licence Division.. More >>>
- What’s your opinion of the That Luang festival this year?
That Luang is the national symbol and most important religious monument in Laos and thousands of people flock to the stupa every November to pay homage to this magnificent structure. Vientiane Times went along to the festival this week and asked visitors and vendors for their impressions of this year’s event. .. More >>>
- How can health services be improved?
People are now able to get better quality treatment thanks to expanding health services in hospitals and clinics countrywide... More >>>
- What more can we do to help children in Laos?
Children are like sheets of blank paper on which their future is yet to be drawn. They are our most important resource and we look forward to their development.
.. More >>>
- Laos, Korea thread way to improved silkworm breed
A hybrid Lao-Korean silkworm has been produced thanks to a cooperation project in Vientiane, and the new breed is now being tested by .. More >>>

- What can be done to stop people smoking?
Everyone knows that smoking kills, yet still people do it.  The World Health Organisation estimates there are one billion people across the planet who smoke.. More >>>
- How can we increase textile exports?
Laos is well known for its beautiful fabrics and the number of producers has increased as export opportunities have grown. But tough competition and a surge in supply has meant a drop in sales for some manufacturers. Vientiane Times went along to the Lao Handicraft Festival recently and asked exhibitors for their thoughts on the situation.
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- Education partners review reform in early learning
Plan International and implementing partners, in support of the Ministry of Education and Sports, held a successful two-day (November 12-13) education symposium to share best practices and identify avenues for the future scale and sustainability of key interventions to improve learning outcomes in early grade education. More >>>
- How is Viengxay preparing for the 50th anniversary of the liberation forces’ command centre?
The people of Viengxay district, Huaphan province, are preparing to welcome visitors for the 50th anniversary celebration of the.. More >>>
- Govt on right track to improve business climate
Laos’ fall in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index from 141st place last year to 153rd this year has ignited a public debate over the government’s ability to improve the country’s business climate... More >>>

- How important is it to have a flu vaccination?
The Ministry of Health last week provided flu vaccinations for government officials to ensure they remained healthy through the winter months... More >>>
- What do you think will be the benefits of the joint Visit Laos-China Year 2019?
Laos and China are lining up an exciting programme of events for next year with promotional activities planned for the main cities in each country,.. More >>>
- What can be done to reduce the use of plastic?
In Laos, the use of plastic bags is widespread, in markets, street food stalls, shops and restaurants, and during festivals. Plastic bags are one of the biggest environmental problems on the planet and people in many countries are now taking action to reduce their use... More >>>
- What do you think about the bus fare increase for students?
The Vientiane State Bus Enterprise will double the price of electronic passes for student commuters on the Thangon, Dongdok and Phontong-Dongdok routes... More >>>
- What can be done to prevent illegal vehicle modification?
In the last six months police have detained 369 illegally modified vehicles and issued warnings to 321 drivers. The authorities have tried to crack down on offenders but the number of modifications is shooting up. One of the most annoying forms of modification is the installation of powerful speakers through which vehicle owners play music at high volume. Vientiane Times asked people what should be done to stop antisocial forms of vehicle modification... More >>>
- How can we protect young people from experimenting with harmful drugs?
One of the biggest problems in today’s world is rampant drug addiction, which has a devastating effect on the younger generation in particular.. More >>>
- How can the use of chemicals in farm produce be reduced?
According to local newspaper reports, Savannakhet and Xekong officials found that several kinds of vegetables and fruit on sale contained high amounts of chemicals, making them unsafe for consumption. Although chemicals are potentially dangerous to humans, .. More >>>
- What can be done to restore agriculture after the floods?
Almost every province in Laos suffered crop and livestock losses during the floods this rainy season. As farmers try to recover from the setbacks Vientiane Times asked people for their opinions on the best course to take to earn a living from agriculture. .. More >>>
- What can be done to help illiterate people get a driving licence?
Many uneducated or illiterate people don’t have a driving licence, especially those from rural areas who move to a large town. They may be able to drive, but it’s a big problem if they have an accident for some reason. Vientiane Times asked around for opinions on how poorly educated people could get a driving licence. .. More >>>
- What’s the best way to use social media?
The use of social media is widespread and almost everyone uses these networks for communication and entertainment, but some people use them in ways that are harmful. Vientiane Times asked a cross section of people about their experiences and use of social media. .. More >>>
- How can we ensure that our cities are clean and livable?
The United Nations (UN) has declared October 31 to be World Cities Day. Its aim is to create awareness of the role of urbanisation in global sustainable development and social inclusion. Vientiane Times asked around for comments on ways to ensure that cities remain livable places... More >>>
- How do you overcome the various problems involved in making handicrafts?
Handicraft demonstrations are part of the Lao Handicraft Festival held in Vientiane every year. Vientiane Times went along to the opening ceremony of this year’s fair and asked some participants about the problems they faced in the course of their work. .. More >>>
- Examinations for uni seats, not scholarships
Students who have graduated from upper secondary school are well aware that they must take an examination to enroll at state universities in Laos. .. More >>>

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