What are your personal goals and what are your hopes for Laos in 2019?

Lao people nationwide and people around the world have celebrated the start of a new year with hopes of greater achievements in life. Vientiane Times asked around to find out how people hoped to improve their lives and in which areas they most wanted to see development in Laos.


Ms Saengdavanh Chanthavong, an employee in Xaysettha district: When we celebrate the start of a new year it means we are one year older. I feel that time has passed very quickly and there’s so much I still haven’t achieved. This year I will work hard to save money to build a small house and take care of my parents. As our world becomes increasingly developed, so people’s needs grow. While Laos is much more developed than before, we must recognise that many people are still poor and we must do more to improve their lot in life. Some villages still don’t have regular electricity and people cannot easily get adequate healthcare, clean water or schooling.

Ms Phuang, a student in Naxaithong district: The start of a new year is a good time to set out on a new and better direction. I hope I will get a good job after I graduate. I’d also like to be a volunteer with an emergency rescue team. I’d like to help people in this way and feel that this kind of work is important. It makes me feel worthwhile and is also of benefit to society. As we all know, road accidents are becoming more frequent throughout the country. I hope to see fewer accidents in 2019 and in the following years because so many people have been killed or disabled.

Mr Khampasith, an official in Vientiane: I was very happy to celebrate the New Year especially as my baby was born on this day and he is a big gift for my family. I will try to do everything better than before. I will work hard and get to work on time to be a good example to my colleagues and will also take better care of my family.  Laos developed so much in 2018. Everything is modern now such as infrastructure, the health service, and education. When things are improved Lao people will be better off. But alongside the drive for development we should not forget environmental protection. As we all know, the world is suffering from global warming and many countries are battling natural disasters, including Laos. I think that natural wealth and a healthy environment are important for everyone so we should try to preserve the environment for successive generations.    
Ms Veota, a resident of Vientiane: It’s true that a new year begins with hopes for a brighter future. I’m grateful to the government for working hard to improve our country and can say that what we have today is vastly better than before.  It seems that everyone wants Laos to undergo development but at the same time we shouldn’t forget our traditions and customs. In particular, we should celebrate special events in ways that are more appropriate. I call on the younger generation to enjoy and preserve our fine traditions because if we can maintain our culture we will also preserve our national identity. I think this will ensure more peace and security and improve our chances of sustainable development.  

Ms Farsai Thanalath, a student in Xaythany district: After celebrating the start of the New Year it’s time for me to start my second semester. It’s my final year of studies so I will try to get good marks and pay attention in class so that I learn more and can help with the development of Laos. I think we still need a lot of help, especially with education, because many children in remote areas don’t go further than primary school. We still can’t produce enough goods and almost everything we use is imported. From what I see we’re not investing enough in this critical area. I think everyone should work together to improve things and resolve our difficulties. 

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update January 3, 2019)

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