What more can be done to root out official corruption in the country?

The Ministry of Finance recently expelled eight corrupt officials including a former assistant minister - the most senior individual penalised publicly by the ministry in recent years, after they were found guilty of corruption by the Vientiane People’s Court. In light of these developments, Vientiane Times asked some members of the public what more can be done to tackle official corruption.


Mr Puengchingex Keopaserth, a banking official in Xaythany district: I felt really good hearing this announcement, which for me is the first time that authorities have announced to society action against corrupt officials in our country. From my point of view, the punishment of the guilty can be used as an example to intimidate other selfish people who want to embezzle the nation’s property. I would like all the government’s offices and other organisations to do the same as the Ministry of Finance. When dealing with dishonest people you need to remind them that you can enforce the law to stop their actions.

Ms Soudachanh Nakbounta, a resident of Chanthabouly district: I think the government should set up specific audit teams and all members in these teams have to be honest. Then they need to strictly inspect the individual assets of officials involved in finances. Meanwhile, other division we need to control their payments and always closely monitor them. I think this will reduce corruption in our nation.

Ms Mee Sikoumphon, a vendor at Xaysettha district: I also want the government to strictly check the finance and taxation system at each international check point, especially the Lao-Thai border in Vientiane capital as the officials working there are dealing with more money than other divisions. If relevant authorities can catch corrupt officials it will boost our GDP and the national treasury is going to have enough money to spend on socio-economic development.

Ms Noun Daraxay, a resident of Xaythany district: I don’t know much about the central workings of our country because I’m just a farmer but I think it’s good to penalise corrupt officials. The average person doesn’t know what leaders do to manage the nation, they just know how much they have to pay in land and other taxes for the national budget. Unfortunately, many officials are selfish and they embezzle money from residents who have worked hard to get it. I want the government to keep probing for corrupt officials because they are stealing public property.
Ms Nalin Souliya, a teacher at Chanthabouly district: I agree with the government’s actions in penalising corrupt officials because tackling dishonesty is part of national development, particularly building better human resources. It should create further new laws to strictly regulate any corruption. All officials have to rigorously follow the law. If all people are honest our country will develop faster.

By Phouthong Sivongsa
(Latest Update September 27, 2018)

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