What should we do to protect, enhance Lao independence?

Tomorrow is Lao Declaration of Independence Day (October 12). To mark this important event
Vientiane Times asked folk to voice their thoughts on the value of the nation’s independence.


Ms Khamhak Vonemanivong, a student at the National University of Laos: As we know, when countries are not independent they often crave for peace and solidarity. We are lucky to have been born in a peaceful country like Laos and we should make sure we continue to prosper. Independence and peace are important for citizens and also foreign citizens who are allowed to work and live here. On this occasion we should honour our forefathers and leaders, who have devoted themselves to this struggle so that everyone could live in peace and solidarity. May we live in peace and solidarity and honour the spirit of Lao independence.

Mr Chianya Nyang, a resident of Thoulakhom district, Vientiane province:
Laos has been independent for a long time now and has been increasingly developed and modernised. I think we should congratulate and honour our forefathers and mothers for their hard work and sacrifices. If they hadn’t committed themselves to the cause, we may not have had the peace and solidarity that we enjoy today. We should admire their great work and achievements. Parents should teach their children about the struggle for independence in Laos, and so, continue to preserve it. In addition, everyone should be made aware of the need to play a part in upholding and ensuring our independence by living in unity and peace for the benefit of our communities and society as a whole.

Ms Youachang Soulicha, a college student in Xieng Khuang province:
Independence is essential to ensure that any country, including Laos, is peaceful and stable. It is an important indicator of a country’s progress. Laos has developed a lot since then but we need to work hard still. We should continue on this path of progress, as many things still need to be improved, especially our infrastructure. It would be nice if we learn to compare quality and pace of progress with our fellow community of countries so that we can maintain the appropriate standards.

Ms Keo Vongsa, a resident in Sisattanak district:
Thanks to being an independent country we are able to live a peaceful and content life and we should strive to protect and strengthen our freedom. We should focus on the further development of the country as we need to reach new pinnacles of success. In addition, our government should pay attention to strengthen our economy. If possible the government should encourage and support the people of Laos to produce or manufacture more products at home rather than rely so much on imports. At the present our local products cannot easily compete with imported goods.

Mr Baenk Taipanyavong, a student in Sikhottabong district: People have devoted themselves to the struggle so that everyone may live in peace and solidarity and help develop the country. The new generations should uphold the values of our forefathers and mothers who fought in the war of liberation. It’s not easy to fight to achieve independence. Of course, we should continue to develop the country and protect our independence as much as possible. We should hold activities to commemorate this important event and advocate for the protection of our independence, and raise public awareness about this issue.

By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update October 11, 2018)

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