What can be done to help new graduates find jobs?

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Sports are joining forces to help new graduates find jobs. At present too many young people are faced with a bleak situation after obtaining a degree. Some say this is because of a lack of information about job opportunities and that graduates’ skill levels don’t match the needs of the job market.  Vientiane Times asked for people’s thoughts on what could be done to ensure more graduates can find work.


Ms Somesy Phatsada, a resident of Xaythany district: It would certainly be helpful to have government assistance with finding jobs as I know there are many new graduates who are out of work. I would like the government to do more to encourage young people to study in fields that match the needs of the job market and learn appropriate skills for today’s development needs. I also think that if the government could reduce the number of older workers it employs and opened up more opportunities for younger people, more graduates would get onto the first rung of the job ladder. Another helpful move would be to put young people in touch with foreign companies working in both rural and urban areas, as this would also open up the job market.

Ms Veota Lienxayya, a student at Pakpasak Technical College: I think it’s a good idea to have a scheme that matches graduates with job opportunities. Of course, employers tend to want people with good qualifications and experience in a particular field. But unfortunately this rules out young graduates who don’t have any experience. I think it would be helpful for both employees and employers if state bodies and private companies provided more opportunities for graduates by giving them short-term internships. This would enable students to develop their strengths and weaknesses in particular skills, and it would allow employers to find the right people to hire. This would help to remedy the problem of providing decent work for more people and I think it would be a win-win situation for both sides.

Ms Toy, a resident of Chanthabouly district: What’s important is how the government is going to lower the unemployment rate. I would like those in charge to encourage more investment so as to strengthen productivity and drive up the employment rate. If state and private companies could enlarge the size of the young workpool, this would help new graduates to find decent employment promptly. I also think it’s good to have a programme that encourage new hires in the job market.

Ms Chanphone Sivongsa, a college student in Huaphan province: Of course, the proposed government scheme would be helpful if it helps to put more people in work. We really need more information about the requirements of the job market. I will be happy if this programme works because I will graduate next year and I would like help finding a good job that’s relevant to my field of study. The authorities should advertise this programme among students who are graduating.  I think all tertiary institutions should make sure they prepare students for the workplace before they graduate by arranging for them to work as interns. This would enable them to get work experience and discuss their situation with people who have more experience.

Mr Khampan Ninthakhan, a graduate in Saravan province: I would like to offer a million thanks to the government for coming up with a scheme to help new graduates. Now that most people use social media they can also get useful information this way. It should be easier to find information about job opportunities, and our skill levels should match the needs of the job market. The government and other sectors have partnered in holding job fairs, which have generated a lot of publicity. It’s a good way for students to meet potential employers and discuss job prospects. But most of these events take place in Vientiane so it’s not much help for people in the provinces.

By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update November 30, 2018)

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