What do you think about the government’s decision to reduce its annual quota of new civil servants for 2019?

The government will cut the annual quota of new civil servants from 3,000 this year to 1,500 in 2019 to ease the budgetary burden, PM Thongloun told the 6th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly’s 8th legislature which opened on Nov 20. Vientiane Times asked some members on the public for their thoughts about this initiative.


Ms Lily, an employee at Sisattanak district:  I don’t know that much about this issue but I’ve heard many people discuss it which is a hot topic on social media across the country. In my opinion, senior officials probably have good reasons to cut the quota of new civil servants in 2019. We don’t all need to work at government offices but we can work for companies or other international organisations to earn money. I don’t understand why so many people only want to work with government organisations. Actually, many people believe that working in government offices provides more financial security than with a private company but your living costs don’t change so you should change your way of thinking and recognise that every job can provide a living. 

Mr Khiew Phonthepha, an official from Champassak province: I think it will create more problems for new graduates in the country. We’ll see more unemployed people because some only obtain a high diploma degree which makes it difficult to find a job as some companies ask for a bachelor’s degree. Also, volunteers at each government agency have received fewer quotas positions for new civil servants and some have to wait for many years. Furthermore, some individuals earn money by illegally selling civil servant quota positions which it’s not fair for volunteers. I’ve heard of many corrupt cases happening in government offices. For instance, a senior official sells a quota position for a high price to a new graduate who wants to work there. Some graduates are from rural areas and their families sell land to pay for their son or daughter to work at government agencies. I heard someone paid more than 100 million kip to get a government quota position but no one questioned it. Therefore, cutting the quota of new civil servants could become a major problem.

Ms Malichanh Soulitham, a vendor in Sisattanak district: If you feel confident in your skills you can use your talents to work wherever you like. You don’t need to only wait for a job at a government office. We have to understand the government’s motives and wait patiently because this year they are dealing with many problems, especially the flood disaster which our senior officials have been worked hard to resolve. Cutting the quota may be one part of helping to develop the country so we have to move forward together.  On the other hand, it may be a big issue for volunteers at government offices because quota positions may not come up for everyone wanting one.

Ms Thatthiva Boudmisay, a year two student at Institute of Banking:  I’m concerned about this issue because when I finish my education I may find it difficult to find a job at a government office which is my goal. As we all know, if you don’t have a relative or parents at a government office, you can’t be sure of getting work there. In my opinion, senior authorities should consider retiring older officials. Nowadays, many young people are highly skilled so they should be given opportunities as they have more energy and can work hard. They also have new creative ideas for work. I would like the government to give this consideration.

By Phouthong Sivongsa
(Latest Update December 6, 2018)

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