What are your impressions of ecotourism in Pakxong district?

Mystic Mountain Homestay and Coffee in Pakxong district offers visitors accommodation on a coffee farm that is a base for trekking and visiting villages and waterfalls deep in the forest. Vientiane Times asked some visitors and staff what its like.


Mr David Falconer from England: It’s great to be here.  Everything is so beautiful. I’m happy to be here and see the sun coming out. I am really enjoying my trip in Laos. It’s a very nice country and the people are lovely. Mystic Mountain Homestay is something very special.  It was great fun to go in the old Jeep to see countryside. We did a wonderful walk recently across the coffee bean plantation. I haven’t seen coffee farm or plant in England before and it’s exciting to see people farming and roasting. The coffee tastes great as well!

Mr Georg Mayer, from Germany: I’m a son of a farmer and I’m very excited to come here to see the people of Laos working the land and farming. It was interesting to see how people are growing and roasting coffee.  People of Laos, you are very friendly!  Full commendations to you. The rooms are nice here and I’d say it’s a good place to stay one or two night for relaxing with family or friends. I like to see how people work in the kitchen. We did a trip to the jungle in an old Jeep passing the villages and seeing waterfalls. It was really good.

Ms Lisa Williams from England: We came to Laos through a company in England and purchased a five week package visiting all the parts of the country.  They suggested we might like to come here to see the coffee plantation and meet the villagers.  It’s very lovely to stay and see people working and living on the farm. People here seem to have a very close relationship to the land and nature.
Mr Khamsone Souvannakhily, the owner of Mystic Mountain Homestay: Mystic Mountain Homestay and Coffee would like to promote real life on Bolaven Plateau.  People who stay with us get exposure to the customs and traditions of ethnic groups and learn about history and nature. Many people say getting a chance to roast their own coffee is a highlight of their stay here, but the safari tours, trekking and visiting villages are also very popular.

By Patithin Phetmeaungphuan
(Latest Update December 17, 2018)

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