What are your thoughts on tourism development in Oudomxay?

Oudomxay province is in the northwest of Laos and has an abundance of tourist attractions. Vientiane Times recently visited the province as part of a project organised by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to learn about developments in the tourism industry.


Mr Bounkouam Mitmouangxay, deputy head of the Department of Information, Culture and Tourism in Oudomxay province: Oudomxay has an abundance of tourist attractions, with a focus on nature. Tourism is thriving here and we have had more visitors than in previous years. The province has continuously developed its attractions in all aspects. We are working to improve and promote tourist facilities in every district, especially as this is Visit Laos Year. The province encourages tourism alongside cultural preservation and natural and environmental protection. We also ensure the safety of visitors and are improving and developing the services we offer. We are providing staff with training and trying to involve local people as much as possible. We try to encourage them to give visitors a warm welcome and to be good hosts. There are plenty of hotels and some of them have been declared to match Asean standards. We will continue to develop infrastructure and facilities for visitors and hope to attract more investors for the development of tourist attractions. I invite Lao people and foreign visitors to come to Oudomxay. Right now the Hmong and Khmu ethnic groups are celebrating their New Year so anyone visiting Oudomxay can take part in the celebrations.

Mr Bounseng Chanthakhamsouk, head of the Oudomxay Provincial Museum: Oudomxay has many attractions that are full of interest, both in terms of natural beauty and culture. We also have special local products and our own type of food. A visiting to the museum is a good way for visitors to learn about the history of Oudomxay, its development and the local lifestyle. I’m sure that visitors will receive a warm welcome from local residents and get a real taste of nature. We offer something different from other parts of Laos because we have an abundance of forests while ethnic villages provide a glimpse of colourful lifestyles and the different dialects spoken in this region.

Mr Khampheuy Ngonevankham, the governor of Pakbaeng district: Our province has a number of attractions and we get more visitors every year. Pakbaeng is a mountainous district but it has potential for tourism development. The weather is pleasant and we have water routes connecting to other provinces as well as a sizeable boat dock. The district is known as a stopover place as many people stay here overnight or longer during their journey to the south or north. We have places of natural and cultural interest including a 1,000-year-old tea plantation as well as ethnic villages. There are also boat trips on the Mekong. There’s enough accommodation for visitors and local people also offer homestays. We have actively developed and promoted tourism and have partnered with the operators of tourism services. Our district works hard to ensure peace and safety and we will continue to improve tourist attractions so that we draw more visitors and people want to stay here longer.

Mr Thongdy Ketthila, a resident of La district: Many of the tourist attractions in our district have been improved and we have several interesting temples and ethnic villages. There are also many places of natural beauty but I think the most popular place is Vat Pha Chao Singkham. This is an old temple with a long history where the Singkham Buddha image is housed. The statue is sacred and every day devotees come to pray and visitors go there to learn about this special place. I encourage everyone to visit Oudomxay province and La district. There’s so much to experience, especially the variety of lifestyles among the different ethnic groups.

By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update December 21, 2018)

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