What do you think of acrobatics in Laos?

Ms Vongphet, an official with the Lao Performing Artists’ Association, Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism: This is the first time Lao and Thai gymnasts and acrobats have partnered in a performance. The show attracted a great deal of interest and we sold a lot of tickets. I’m delighted that both Lao people and foreigners came along to watch. I brought my children and my mother to see the show and they loved it, especially my youngest daughter who ate an early dinner because she wanted to get here before the show began. I’d like performances to be staged every weekend, but we don’t have a big budget. Support from an individual or the government is needed if we want to put on top quality shows.


Mr Bounheuang Sidaluck, a Grade 6 student at Nonsavang Secondary School: All of the performances were really amazing. I think they must practice very hard but I’ve no idea how much they get paid - I feel they should earn a lot. I love this show and I’ll come to the next one. I would like the Performing Artists’ Association or some other body to renovate the dormitories where the performers live because they’re in pretty bad condition.

Ms Chaiphaserth Thavivan, a second year student at the National University of Laos: In my opinion, before the day of the actual performance, the association should invite young people to watch the show because I think everyone should get the opportunity to see these wonderful performers so they realise that it’s not just other countries that excel in acrobatics. When I watched the performance I felt like I was a child again because there were so many children around me. Beforehand, I was eating at a hotpot restaurant next to the performance venue and I decided to ask my friend to come along so that we could go together and the show would be more fun.
Mr Inthutsouvinai Paxakone, 16, a performer with the Lao Performing Artists’ Association: My mother always wanted me to be an acrobat so I started training for her sake and came to love it. I made a few mistakes during the performance, but I have done well and feel proud and happy to see so many people in the hall today. I always practice hard after school and hope that I will become a famous performer and can make my parents happy. I believe that one day my dream will come true. However, we need a lot more support so that we can get better sound and light equipment, because what we have at present is far from ideal. 

Ms Sitthisone, 27, an acrobat with the Lao Performing Artists’ Association:  I watched acrobats on television when I was a little girl and loved what I saw. I practiced on my bed. I did gymnastics but I wasn’t very good at it. Then I went to an acrobatics performance in my hometown in Saravan province and asked if I could train with them. So I became an acrobat and hope to improve my skills more and more so that more people will enjoy my performances. I call on Lao people to show their support for acrobatics so that Lao performers become known in other countries and their talents are recognised on the international stage.

By Phouthong Sivongsa
(Latest Update December 24, 2018)

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