What has impressed you most about Laos during your holiday here?
As this is Visit Laos-China Year, the government is working to attract more Chinese visitors. Vientiane Times went out and about to ask Chinese tourists what they liked about Laos and what services could be improved.

Mr Liang Yintang and Mrs Rong Lier, from Guangzhou province: We are really enjoying our holiday and are happy to be back again. This is our fourth visit to this peaceful country. Every time we come we enjoy the food and visit various attractions, which are very pleasant because of all the open space and the good weather. We also like the Lao people, who are very friendly and always smile when greeting visitors. Laos today is like China was many years ago. I hope that facilities will improve in the future and that there will be better roads. I think many Chinese people like Laos because of the beautiful landscapes and the friendly people. We plan to stay longer next time we come. We are also very happy with the accommodation.


Mr Zhi Pang, a Chinese movie actor: This is my first visit to Laos. I came here after hearing about it from my friends who have been here often. I love the simple customs of the Lao people, their smiles, and their friendly attitude. One of the things I like most is sticky rice, which we don’t have in China. The natural environment is very beautiful and there’s lots of spectacular scenery. But because of the rapid pace of development there’s a lot of construction going on, so we look forward to the future when development brings more beautiful changes. I really love the way of life here, the tasty food, and the friendliness of the people. In the future, Laos will develop its international communications and I’m sure film and television producers will come here to make films. Road transport needs to be more convenient and industry should develop in ways that build on national identity while integrating with international business and development.

Mrs Lena Liu: This is my first visit to Laos and it’s been an interesting experience to be among such friendly people. The natural environment is very pleasant, the sky is clear, and the weather is good. I like taking pictures of the local products I see in markets, especially fresh produce such as bamboo, vegetables, insects, fish and other interesting items. I’m not at all disappointed by my visit and things here are better than I expected. I’m really enjoying visiting various places around the country. As far as I’m concerned, some facilities need to be improved, and it’s important to preserve the natural environment.

Mr Guo Sheng Cheng, a traditional doctor: This is my first time in Laos and it won’t be the last. The country is very peaceful and it’s easy to immerse oneself in nature. This time I’m here on a very short trip because I didn’t know much about Laos or what to expect, but I’m very pleased I came and am enjoying my visit very much. The Lao people are very nice and friendly and I’ve learnt to say Sabaidee for hallo, and Nhok jok when drinking. I think more needs to be done to improve infrastructure and various amenities for both local people and visitors. But I hope things don’t develop too fast as it would be a pity if the good things about Laos were lost. I love the natural environment here, so please preserve it, as well as your culture.
I really like eating sticky rice and will never forget its taste, so I will come back to visit this beautiful country again at some point.  

Ms Yiyi Liu: Laos is a wonderful country with many interesting things, such as the way women and girls wear the sinh. Laos isn’t well developed but the environment is very pleasant and there’s a nice atmosphere. When I wake up I see a beautiful blue sky and nice weather. I’m here with some friends and my sister. We all like Laos very much and I will try to visit again in the near future. I also like the food. It’s quite spicy but it tastes good, especially sticky rice with fish salad.   

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update January 19, 2019)

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