Why is National Teachers’ Day so important?

National Teacher’s Day encourages the country to recall the historic event when Mr Kham graduated from a pedagogical school and was recognised as the first Lao teacher. To mark National Teacher’s Day (October 7), Vientiane Times asked some students and teachers why we should be appreciative of teachers’ efforts.

Ms Oulaiphone Xanamixay, a student from Hadxaifong district:  First, I have to thank my teacher for giving me knowledge and teaching good manners. If we don’t have a good teacher we won’t complete our education, so they have been like our second parents. Almost all my life has been spent studying so teachers have the most important role in giving information and teaching. I think being a good student is the best present you can give your teacher.

Ms Paramy Vongdara, a student from Sisattanak district: I’d like to give some small presents to other students for National Teachers’ Day. In my opinion, my teacher doesn’t want any gifts from students except for good behaviour and applying themselves to their studies which is the best present for them. I promise I will be a good student, attend to my studies and be a good person in society.
Ms Phoukhoun Inthavong, a teacher from Hadxaifong district: On behalf of Lao teachers, I am proud of my profession because it is an honour to do this job. Being a teacher can be quite demanding at times but I enjoy seeing the students’ smiles and I believe that imparting knowledge to others is a very worthwhile profession. In my mind, we need to be honest in our careers and do our best in our duties.

Ms Kanya Kongmany, final year student at the National University of Laos: I didn’t always join in when the university celebrated National Teachers’ Day previously but I am making an effort this time to show I appreciate their efforts. When students call them teacher and ask them to explain lessons it makes the pupils always show respect to them. This is why I would like to be a teacher when I graduate.

Mr Souksavanh Khambounmy, second year student at the National University of Laos: To show my respect to teachers during class I pay attention quietly. I don’t talk with classmates while the teacher is explaining the lesson. I want to give them a present on National Teacher’s Day just as a small token of my appreciation for them. I also helped my teacher by arranging tables, chairs and other things. Being a teacher means you can gather a lot of knowledge and skills and pass this on to benefit many students.

Ms Bounmee Phommala, a student from Sisattanak district: I’m going to write some good wishes on a card for my teachers and give them a small gift. We can also help teachers by being a good student, studying hard and then applying the knowledge to develop ourselves. Sometimes teachers complain that students are too polite and just want to listen without asking questions.

ByPhouthong Sivongsa
(Latest Update October 08, 2018)

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