What should be done to compensate the families of people who die delivering aid to flood victims?

Since the dam wall burst in Sanamxay district, Attapeu province, people everywhere have been assisting in the flood relief effort. Unfortunately, one person died in a road accident while delivering supplies to the flood-hit area, while two passengers were injured and are in hospital in Thailand. Vientiane Times asked some local residents for their thoughts on possible compensation for their families.

Mr Vilakone Inthasaeng, an official in Xaysettha district: When I heard this news I was upset because these people were trying to help the flood victims, and it’s very unfortunate that a man died in the process. We should now provide as much support to his family as possible. We could join together to make donations and encourage his family to be strong. While the other two people are in hospital I pray for them to get better soon and hope their families are not too distressed. Even though we can’t visit their families we could collect some money to help pay their medical bills.


Ms Daeng Vongkhamchanh, a resident of Hadxaifong district: I pray for the swift recovery of the two people in hospital and hope they will soon be back with their families. I also hope that Mr Sipaserd Sihalath, who died, will rest in peace. They were clearly dedicated people and engaged in a worthwhile mission to deliver relief supplies to destitute people in the flood hit area. Even though they do not hold a high position in society, they obviously made sacrifices to help those in need. The authorities should at least issue a certificate of praise to encourage them and raise the spirits of their families. On behalf of the national Lao family, when I saw one of our relatives suffering like this I donated some money by bank transfer to Mr Sipaserd’s family.
Mr Dee Keomath, a Master’s degree student at the National University of Laos: This just goes to show that we should be more concerned about road safety, because I don’t want other people to end up in the same situation as Mr Sipaserd. His family needs encouragement and assistance because they have lost their son, nephew and provider. His actions were not of great significance but will stay in our memories for some time to come. We should also give help to those who help others. The best thing we can do now is to buy more modern medical equipment and urge doctors and nurses to provide good care for accident victims. I also think the government should have a budget to help the families of people who suffer while working for the public good.

Ms Daosadet Seevongsa, a resident of Xaythany district: In my opinion, officials should issue a certificate of some sort to acknowledge this man’s work and give a cash donation to his family because he died while working to help others. I pray that he will rest in peace. Meanwhile, the two men in hospital need encouragement from everyone and help with the payment of medical bills, so we should make donations to help their families. The most important thing is to publicise their good deeds on social media so that everyone will remember the sacrifices they have made in the service of others. I will never forget the good they tried to do and I wish their families strength.

By Phouthong Sivongsa
(Latest Update August 07, 2018)

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