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Concerted efforts bringing change to Khammuan

Social and economic development is the foundation for progress in Yommalath district, Khammuan province, and at the forefront of the battle to improve living standards and bring prosperity.

The district has a total area of 120,914 hectares with 46 villages and is ho me to 33,959 people in 7,401 families.

Local officials are pinpointing three areas in their efforts to spur development - agriculture, industry and the service sector.

Growing more rice is helping to boost social and economic development in Khammuan province and changing people's lives for the better.

Last year, the community carried out various projects with the assistance of the government, the private sector and international organisations.

A large water tank was built in Pomkhoun village, a small reservoir was built in Nathird village, and surveys and design for urban planning took place in Donpeuay and Nakatang villages, Yommalath district Governor Mr Manyvong Chanhthavong said.

International organisations carried out other projects, including construction of a dispensary in Hangkang village and a small water treatment plant in Tadmoon village.

Mr Manyvong said the agriculture sector was focusing on growing sufficient foodstuff and commercial crops, using modern methods to grow rainy season rice on 6,000 hectares of land with an average yield of 3.7 tonnes per hectare.

Dry season rice can be grown on 1,130 hectares but only 884 hectares of land was utilised because there was not enough water. The average yield was 5 tonnes per hectare.

Villagers also grew other crops on 863 hectares with a yield of 2,755 tonnes. Cassava was planted on 1,319 hectares with an average yield of 15 tonnes per hectare.

Basic infrastructure is being improved step by step and many roads are being asphalted. An embankment has also been built along the Katang River.

Mr Manyvong said commerce was on the rise and there were now 430 privately owned business units worth more than 270 billion kip while 86 foreign-owned businesses were worth more than 19 billion kip.

The community plans to expand its education network to all villages so that all children have a chance to study.

Healthcare has also expanded and is provided in many villages, making it easier for villagers to access services.

The district is also looking to tourism to help boost the economy and has designated 11 sites as natural attractions, three as histori cal sites and three sites as being of cultural interest. Tourism development is a priority area and the community is hoping to attract more visitors.

There are now 31 so-called cultural villages and 27 development villages and only three families are officially classified as poor. So before too long the community will be able to declare that poverty has been eradicated.

Assistance from the government, international organisations and the private sector is playing an important role in furthering development in Yommalath district and changes are taking place step by step.

As the district makes progress along the path to prosperity, it will be part of Khammuan province's success in achieving set development goals.


By Times Reporters
(Latest Update April 8 , 2017 )

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