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Fish farming proves a good catch for Bokeo housewife

With only her husband earning an income to sustain the family, one Bokeo household found they were unable to improve their circumstances so Mrs Onkeo Yotvongsa decided to try fish farming to augment their savings.

The family was struggling to pay all the bills so Mrs Onkeo felt she must do something to earn more money for the family, who live in Sybounheuang village, Pha-oudom district.

Rearing fish for sale helps Mrs Onkeo's family earn a steady income.

Her husband worked for the district Industry and Commerce Office but his monthly salary was not enough to support the family of 10.

Mrs Onkeo's decision to establish a fishpond eventually earned her family model status within their community.

She began keeping fish in 2008 but having no experience she could not produce enough to sell and all the fish were consumed by her family.

In 2013, she went to Oudomxay province and to Thailand to learn how to farm fish commercially. After that she decided to spend more than 100 million kip t o raise tilapia in four ponds.

Each pond produces fish that can be harvested twice a year. The four ponds yielded about 8 to 10 tonnes of fish which she sold for 20,000 kip per kilogramme, which netted her enough money to take care of everyone in the family.

Mrs Onkeo now has another five fishponds so in just six months she can produce 20 tonnes of fish which she sells to market traders and other outlets in the community.

She also keeps 30 cows, 30 pigs, 50 goats and some poultry, which she also sells, and grows rubber trees on a 19 hectare plot. In total she now earns at least 200 million kip a year.

She says fish farming is a fairly easy way to earn money because fish mature quickly and sell easily in markets.

The money she has earned has helped everyone in her family to have a better standard of living and she been able to pay for her children to study up to university level.

In the future she plans to have two more fishponds and maybe even grow grapes if that proves to be viable and profitable.

She said that if everyone did the same as her family and were patient and hardworking, they too could achieve success in this line of work. She is also prepared to pass on her knowledge to others to help other people improve their lot.

Mrs Onkeo said she had definitely chosen the right path and was pleased with her success after working hard for so many years.

These days she doesn't work as hard as previously and has hired loca l people to help out, which means they too also earn a bit more money.

If everyone in Sybounheuang village could achieve living standards on the same level as Mrs Onkeo's family it would help Pha-oudom district to reach its development goals and ultimately banish poverty.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update March 25 , 2017 )

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