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Persistence as rice farmer ploughs way to profit

Some farmers are deciding to give up planting rice to low prices, but Mr Ounheuan Thammavong thinks differently.
Today, he is still busy with fork and plough at the ready at his two-hectare rice farm in Hongngua village, Naxaithong district.
He never forgets that these rice fields have allowed his family to eat, earn and thrive for more than 40 years.   More >>>

- Medicinal plant products earn their maker a healthy wage 
Today, many Lao people realise how important it is to take care of their health and are buying more and more traditional medicine products.More >>>
Chicken farm helps rural family rise above poverty
Every family has different ways of earning a living and bettering their lot in life. Mrs Kongthong Vongphaylot in Xayaboury province chose to rear laying hens and sell their eggs to earn money. More >>>
- Pig farming helps Savannakhet family to rise above poverty
People in remote areas nationwide are slowly emerging from poverty, with animal husbandry often proving to be the mainstay in the provision of a sustainable income. More >>>
- Small farm helps rural family make the move from poverty
Rural residents across Laos have been working in agricultural production and animal husbandry for centuries and it has played a central role in creating better living standards and helping them move away from poverty. More >>>
- Concerted efforts bringing change to Khammuan
Social and economic development is the foundation for progress in Yommalath district, Khammuan province, and at the forefront of the battle to improve living standards and bring prosperity. More >>>
- Snack-fueled production group chips away at poverty in Vientiane province
Ms Chanthao Tanming slowly slices taro into thin chips before frying them to perfection in piping hot vegetable oil. More >>>
- Fish farming proves a good catch for Bokeo housewife
With only her husband earning an income to sustain the family, one Bokeo household found they were unable to improve their circumstances so Mrs Onkeo Yotvongsa decided to try fish farming to augment their savings. More >>>
- Mulberry trees prove good for health and wealth
Mr Somphone Chanthadala and his family have turned the traditional use of the mulberry tree into the basis of several products which are earning them more than six million a month. More >>>
- Saravan family turns to pig farming to bring home the bacon
Waking up early and starting the hard work of tending to animals and crops each day is normal for Mr Phouy Chanthavong and his family and they depend on their labour to keep themselves above poverty. More >>>
- Noodle maker savours success
He gets up 2am every day, while most people are happily sleeping under a blanket. He transports his products along foggy roads in cool weather in the early morning to market vendors who have ordered them in advance. More >>>
- Popular barber boosts income with top notch cuts
Fashionable Korean hairstyles are increasingly popular in Laos
Sitting on a chair at Mr Ngam's barber shop, a customer directs his index finger in the direction of a picture on the wall depicting a well known Korean artist and his popular head of hair. More >>>
- Crops help remote family reach better living standards
Agricultural production and animal husbandry are playing an important part in helping villagers in Naxaiyai village, Saravan reach better living standards while also helping Mr Nit Keomany's family become a model family in the community. More >>>
- Infrastructure expansion helps to spur development in Xayaboury
Infrastructure improvement is playing an important role in raising living standards nationwide, and Hongsa district in Xayaboury province is one of many areas benefitting from such changes. More >>>
- Hadxaifong farmer reaps rewards of agriculture
He picks his hednanglom mushroom crop for four months in a row and gathers hedkhonkhao mushrooms to sell over a period of six months. And he sells limes in the summer when the price is high. More >>>

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