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Information ministry reports success in battle against drugs

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism has seen good results after promoting the National Agenda for the Solution of the Drug Problem, particularly with regard to drug control. 

Mrs Suanesavanh Vignaket.

In a recent report to the National Assembly on Tuesday, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mrs Suanesavanh Vignaket, highlighted the successful efforts of the media and authorities in promoting the national agenda.
“There has been comprehensive and continuous publication through various media channels about the National Agenda on Drug Problem Solving, at both the central and local levels. In particular, the media has stressed the need for systematic monitoring of high-level approaches to the drug problem,” the minister said.
In the past, the media has run drug-related awareness campaigns to educate people about the harmful effects of drugs through news articles and advice.
The main focus of these campaigns has been the national agenda on the resolution of the drug problem, with the media following the guidelines issued by higher authorities.
Newspapers, radio and television have also heightened awareness of drug trafficking by publishing news on the arrest of traffickers, the results of investigations, press conferences on the topic, and reporting on litigation in individual cases.
The media has also promoted the work of Party and state leaders and various agencies at the central and local levels, to support the fulfilment of the national agenda, as well as publicised comprehensive and ongoing solutions to drug addiction.
There has been intensive follow-up on social media of emerging issues including drug problems, with daily reports made to inform leaders and stakeholders.
However, the drug problem remains a huge challenge, Mrs Suanesavanh said.
She expressed concern about particular challenges and lessons that need to be learnt to improve this line of work. Problems had arisen because of various limitations, such as difficulty in accessing resources due to the lack of specialised agencies involved.
She also said media personnel had difficulty accessing sources because the people involved were unable to fulfil their duty with respect to public needs.
The minister also cited the problem of regulating social media. Numerous unauthorised individuals have published images and information on social media that has sparked public concern and criticism, she said.
In addition, insufficient vehicles and equipment are available to the media, meaning that news can be slow to be covered and published. Furthermore, reporters often have to wait for news on drug-related cases to be provided by the Ministry of Public Security, which is a slow process.
“In the future, we must focus on the main issues, such as the systematic and continuous implementation of the national agenda on solving drug problems at the central and local levels,” the minister said.
“We must move forward and expand our network so that we have more information at our disposal for use in a timely manner.”
More will be done to educate young people in remote areas about the harmful effects of drugs, as well as the law governing the production, trade, sale and use of drugs, while efforts to prosecute drug traffickers will be stepped up.

By Phetphoxay Sengpaseuth
 (Latest Update June 23, 2022)


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