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International School of Laos English Centre prepares NA staff for ASEAN meetings

The International School of Laos’ English Centre has once again been entrusted with a significant responsibility, this time by the National Assembly, to prepare selected staff members for upcoming ASEAN meetings.

Building on their successful partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the ISL English Centre is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing the English proficiency of key personnel.
Known for its specialised programme designed to hone skills and foster confidence among learners, the ISL English Centre has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing a positive space. This has been evident in the enthusiasm and growing self-assurance displayed by those undergoing training.
Emphasising a supportive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and effective communication is crucial for participants to thrive, especially in responding to real-life situations and engaging critically in discussions, which is a vital skillset for effective communication in international forums like ASEAN meetings.
Central to their approach are dynamic speaking activities and personalised coaching sessions led by a native English language teacher. These sessions are complemented by interactive lessons that seamlessly integrate modern technology, ensuring active class participation and collaborative group work.

Recently, the ISL English Centre celebrated the successful completion of the National Assembly staff’s English training programme with a certificate presentation ceremony. This event not only recognised the achievements of the participants but also highlighted the centre’s dedication to excellence in education and its role in preparing government employees for effective communication on international diplomatic engagements.
“We are honoured to collaborate with the National Assembly in this important initiative,” said Ms Brenna Funck, English Language teacher at the ISL English Centre. “Our tailored approach aims not only to improve language skills but also to instil confidence among participants.”
The National Assembly expressed gratitude and commendation during the ceremony, further solidifying the impact of the ISL English Centre’s educational initiatives.
Their ongoing collaboration underscores ISL’s dedication to providing high-quality education and fostering international cooperation.
“Looking forward, the International School of Laos and the ISL English Centre remain committed to fostering continued collaboration with the National Assembly and other government bodies. Our goal is to empower participants with the necessary language proficiency and cross-cultural competencies essential for constructive engagement in ASEAN and other international engagements,” said Mr Merdan Nazar, the Principal of the International School of Laos.
As the school continues to expand its educational outreach and reinforce its commitment to excellence, the International School of Laos reaffirms its position as a key facilitator in advancing international dialogue and cooperation.

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