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Address by Party Secretary General Mr Thongloun Sisoulith on the occasion of the
66th anniversary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party

Beloved fellow citizens, comrade Party members!
March 22 marks the foundation of the Party, the day which saw the birth of the first labour party in Laos. The Party has organised and guided the work of the task of the national and people’s democratic revolution throughout the past 66 years. Today, March 22, marks another anniversary of the Party.
On this meaningful historic day, I, on behalf of the Party Central Committee, extend warm goodwill, solidarity, love, friendship and best wishes to retired Party leaders, senior veterans, competing combatants, national heroes and heroines, Party members, state officials, soldiers, police, and people of all ethnicities. I wish all of you happiness, enthusiasm, good health and fruitful outcomes in your work and in your personal life.
Whenever we mark this historic day, our entire Party is reminded of President Kaysone Phomvihane who is our beloved leader and spearheaded the national revolutionary task and founding of the people’s democratic regime, and who initiated comprehensive renovation in accordance with Party principles.
On this occasion, I would also like to express my gratitude and recall the praiseworthy achievements, virtues, and enormous sacrifices of past generations of leaders, revolutionaries, patriotic people and Lao ethnic groups, whose physical and intellectual contributions supported the task of the national revolution and continue to do so at present.
Beloved fellow citizens and comrade Party members
The founding of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party on March 22nd, 1955, was in response to the urgent need of the country and society at that time for a centralised and united force to lead the Lao ethnic people in the fight against imperialists and their puppet authorities, which were active and widespread throughout the country.
The formation of the Party was a milestone in the political fighting movement, which at that time was a global trend. It was a landmark event in the political and social development of Laos and was, like the revolution, initiated by the Party, which introduced clear strategies.
In this context, the Party proved itself to have strong leadership capabilities and was able to combine strategies and tactics for the nation and people’s democratic revolution which, together with the socialist revolution, firmly cemented the Lao revolution as a part of the wider revolution taking place in Indochina and other parts of the world.   
The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party adopted the honourable goals of the Indochinese Communist Party and firmly committed itself to the principles of Marxism-Leninism. The Party also took the lead in enriching this honourable tradition in line with the forces of that era.
With this approach, the Party was able to fulfill its historic tasks with dignity and opened the way for a new era of national independence, freedom and self-determination for the Lao ethnic people.  
After the founding of the Lao PDR, the Party became the core of the political system of the people’s democratic regime and over the past 45 years has led the entire population in carrying out two strategic tasks. With awareness of the reality in Laos and the international environment at that time, the Party, under the leadership of President Kaysone Phomvihane, who understood the situation, was able to initiate constructive policies and was brave enough to take responsibility for initiating comprehensive renovation through adherence to Party principles. In this way, the Party gradually achieved fruitful outcomes, which provided the foundation for the nation to gradually move forward to the goals of socialism.
Beloved comrade Party members, fellow citizens
Throughout the 66 years of its journey, our Party has trained itself and gone through a number of stress tests in the revolutionary mission, which is full of obstacles, difficulties and countless sacrifices. Under Party leadership, Lao people of all ethnicities are confident and supportive and provide sincere and wholehearted support for Party building, and actively participate in the mission to protect and develop their beloved motherland. The Lao people have shown their commitment to the renovation of the people’s democratic regime, which aims to bring wealth to people, as well as prosperous national stability, unity, democracy, justice and civilisation to the nation. All of these goals are enormous historic and comprehensive tasks and demand a long-term commitment by the Party to realise this mission.  
Beloved comrades, friends
What are the factors that have enabled the Party to remain strongly alive and play a leadership role in the Lao political and social system up until now? The answer is clear - it is because our Party has always and consistently adhered to its revolutionary spirit and its fine traditions as follows:
- The Party has consistently adhered to socialist ideology and the fundamental pillars of Party building based on Marxism-Leninism, and Kaysone Phomvihane’s thinking on the Party’s primary ideology and theory.  However, this does not mean that this policy is a bible, which cannot be improved upon. The Party has adopted political policies and theories which are compatible with the country’s reality, conditions and special characteristics. The Party has learnt from real practices and continues to renovate its political directions to make them relevant to changing times and circumstances.
- The Party serves the needs of all classes and puts people at the centre of its policies by serving them and remaining loyal to collective national interests and all citizens. The Party operates and closely works with the people, putting them at the centre and training and developing itself throughout the revolutionary causes of the people. This is done to build and enlarge the Party.
- The Party adheres to and applies a central democratic approach. In addition, the Party is closely focused on maintaining solidarity and unity in line with its political directives, policies, and enforcement of discipline. In addition, political reflection and self-criticism are instrumental in helping to sustain the Party’s life and growth.  
- Party leadership is upheld alongside encouraging Party members to provide strong and stringent references in the mission to eliminate and address undesirable traits. This prevents degradation of the Party’s influence and role and public confidence in the Party. The Party actively initiates self-development and nurtures Party members so they are able to take a leadership role and become driving forces in all areas of work. The Party fights against all forms of abuse of power, individualism, factional leaders, and undemocratic approaches and opportunism. 
- The Party strongly incorporates true patriotism alongside pure internationalism and uses this as a reference in leadership. The Party continually adopts an independent spirit, practises self-determination and build its strength. The Party promotes participation of all forces in the nation along with support from the international community in line with Party principles. In addition, the Party consistently encourages cooperation with strategic friendly nations.
The fruits that have been derived from the Party’s leadership over the past 66 years are enormous. Noting these achievements, the Party deserves to be delighted and proud of them. However, we must be aware of the fact that the future path is full of enormous obstacles. In order to overcome these difficulties, the Party must enrich its traditional values and learn from its past leadership experiences. The entire Party, state and people must actively participate in the mission to fulfill the resolution adopted by the 10th Party Congress.  
Beloved comrades
Faced with a new environment, the Party is obliged to shoulder revolutionary tasks and intensify efforts to implement the deep and comprehensive changes outlined in the resolution passed by the 10th Party Congress. The nature of these initiatives aims to strengthen the implementation of the comprehensive renovation policy in line with Party principles in order to make this development compatible with the reality of the national and international environment and new circumstances. This year coincides with the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the renovation policy in line with Party principles. In order to move forward, the Party objectively reviews and evaluates the fruits of this policy as part of efforts to continue the national revolution, which serves as a strong foundation for the nation to navigate into the future. To implement the renovation policy, and in particular to put into practice the resolution of the 10th Party Congress, Party committees at all levels and Party members must assume a leadership role in fulfilling their assigned duties as well as ensure that the implementation of policies in all sectors, including at the local and grassroot levels, is fruitful. In order to achieve these goals, I urge the entire Party to pay attention to a number of issues as follows:
1.  The Party must lead and organise activities designed to ensure that Party members are able to follow new directions and are aware of and understand and firmly adhere to policies as well as strengthen the implementation of the resolution of the Party Congress actively, widely, inclusively and consistently. This will make the work of the entire Party, state and society into a strong movement. Party committees at all levels must take a leading role, take charge of policy advocacy campaigns, and translate the resolution of the 10th Party Congress. All levels of the Party must initiate campaigns and put this work at the top of their agenda. The translation of the resolution into plans and projects must be relevant to the reality and conditions of different local areas. The most important issue is that Party committees must build unity within their perspective and implementation. In addition, Party committees must take action to address problems seriously and decisively in order to create a strong foundation for the authorities to address economic and financial difficulties, development obstacles, and negative phenomena. All of these efforts will bring about strong, deep and comprehensive change in society.
2.  Party committees must continue to improve their leadership methods and work plans. Authorities at all levels must develop and implement their work plans strictly and correctly in accordance with their assigned role, rights and duties, as defined in the Party’s constitution, laws and state rules. Their work must be based on scientific approaches and be relevant. Party committees must eliminate and address work practices that enable officials to abuse their power, work independently, work without a plan or target, and must monitor, inspect and put into practice lessons learnt. Learning must be carried out in different phases and timeframes. 
3.  Party committees at all levels must uphold their leadership role, especially in the development of the revolutionary spirit and political values. Committees should train themselves to become disciplined officials who are able to overcome numerous difficulties and be accountable for the elimination of undesirable practices within the Party, especially disreputable ways of life that involve lavish consumption, incorrect competition, corruption, and abuse of power. Party committees must transform themselves into clean units that live economically, act with integrity and serve the people and nation as well as working strictly within the scope of the Party’s constitution, laws and state rules. Impediments and activities that do not serve the interests of the people must be stopped and eliminated from the Party’s leadership and state administration. Party members must serve the people wholeheartedly. 
4.  Party committees must respect the rights and legitimate interests of the people as well as their aspirations. Our Party has no other interests than those of the nation and people. To achieve this, all Party committees and members must enrich the Party tradition, adhere to the public approach, place people at the centre, and set rural areas as a development target in order to address people’s poverty.
5.  The Party must decisively address its weaknesses and unresolved problems, and secure strong practical leadership at all levels of the Party body. The Party has to continue to improve and rebuild itself to become clean, strong, fit, and able to safeguard its operations in a working class manner, adopting strong leadership and being proactive. This aims to strengthen  the Party leadership’s capability so that it can serve as the core of the political system at all levels of administration. To achieve these goals, first of all the Party must enhance its leadership, oversight and organising capability, in particular to put the resolution of the 10th Party Congress into practice.
6.  Party committees at all levels must continue to lead, supervise, and impose stricter, more concrete measures in the battle to stop, prevent and protect as well as respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. In these circumstances, the Party must enhance measures to transform itself, especially by adopting new normal approaches. Party committees should also lead the people to practice correct Lao social values, promote constructive ideas, and be sensible and brave in carrying out the duties in the task of national development in order to solve problems appropriately, relevantly and consistently.
Beloved fellow citizens, all Party members
Tomorrow (today) is March 22, 2021, which is the foundation day of our Lao People’s Revolutionary Party. Also today, the 9th legislature of the National Assembly will hold its first session. These are important events in the history of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and an important milestone in efforts to translate the resolution of the 10th Party Congress. On this occasion, I would like to extend my best wishes to the inaugural session of the National Assembly’s 9th legislature for success as planned. I also want to call on Lao people of all ethnicities to increase efforts to enhance their patriotic fervour and adopt a new regime-loving spirit, as well as strongly exercise their right to national ownership, and be proactive in regularly monitoring and inspecting the work of the Party, Party members and state officials. This will help the Party to improve itself and address its weakness and shortcomings, which will cement the foundation for leading visible, strong, deep and comprehensive changes throughout society. 
Beloved fellow citizens, comrade Party members
We have strong confidence that the new page in Lao history, which is built upon enormous sacrifices, full of brave heroes and heroines and achievements of which the Lao people can be proud, will be enhanced and upgraded consistently by the loyalty of Party members, officials. and people across the nation.
The entire Party, state and people should enrich the fine tradition of the Party as well as deepen it. Everyone should join hands to ensure that the implementation of the resolution of the 10th Party Congress, and the 9th National Socio-Economic Development Plan, which will commence this year, achieve their set targets and make significant contributions to the task of national protection, development and civilisation.
The Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, with fine dignity, long live!
Thank you


By Unofficial translation by Time Reporters
(Latest Update March 22, 2021)

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