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What are your thoughts on the growth of the Party?

The 66th anniversary of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Foundation Day will be observed on March 22. Activities to commemorate the anniversary will be hosted across the country. Vientiane Times asked some members of the Party and people to voice their thoughts on the growth of the party and the development of the country over the years.


Mr Khamsone Chanthalak, a resident of Chanthabouly district, Vientiane: I have read our history, and I am aware of our longstanding traditions and directions of the party. It’s commendable that the party has witnessed spectacular growth in such a short time span. The party has worked hard in directing residents to develop and modernise the nation. As we know, Laos is developed in all fields particularly
infrastructure, economy, and education. The economy has grown rapidly. All this is because of the wise leadership of the party committee. The party has framed good policies for the development of the country. It always prioritises the country’s development. All students, young people, and the newer generations should learn about the traditions of
the party and use them wisely in their life. On this anniversary, citizens should commemorate and congratulate the party for its works and achievements. On behalf of Lao residents, I would like to wish the party and its leaders the best and hope they continue to scale new heights in the future.

Mr Soukkhy, a student of Xaythany district, Vientiane: The party and government have worked hard to lead the people and the country on the path of development for the last 66 years. The party is stronger than before and is actively working to direct people to eradicate poverty and modernise themselves, their families, and the country. It has achieved its goals in this regard. We should congratulate our party and leaders for leading the country on the path of development and modernisation. Lao people now enjoy a better life and are living in solidarity and peace. Lao students are skilled. The country is more developed in every aspect. Particularly, in the field of education. Lao students are able to compete at both regional and international levels. We would like to ask the party and leaders to continue to direct the country on the road to development.
 Ms Amphone Vongmany, a resident of Savannakhet province:
I would like to represent all residents of Laos and thank our party and state for their wise direction and their wonderful leadership in all fields. We should also thank our ancestors for establishing the party and fighting for the country and its people in the past. If they didn’t put their lives at risk and fought for its sovereignty, we wouldn’t have been a free country today. Our party has grown and is modernised and is steadily marching ahead on the road to development. We should respect and follow the directions and policies of our party and help disseminate it. Our party and government have laid down apt policies for us and we should abide by them. Everyone, particularly youngsters, should learn about the history and traditions, and irections of the party and follow them in their daily lives.
Mr Bounsanith, an official of Xayaboury province: I am a member of the party and am proud of it. I think, now our party has reached its zenith. The number of party members has increased which is good for the country’s development. As can be seen, the party and state have actively directed and led people on the path of socio-economic development over the years and we have hit major milestones. We have witnessed great socio-economic growth. Laos is counted among countries that have a vibrant economy. In the past, our country wasn’t as much developed as it is today. The roads weren’t good and there weren’t multi-storied buildings as we see today. My office wasn’t as modern as today and the buildings weren’t large enough. Now we have large and modern buildings and technical equipment. This is because of the wise leadership of the party members. Lao people should continue to follow the directions of our party and work together to ensure that our country is even more developed, modernised, and civilised in the future.


By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update March 22, 2021)

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