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What do you think about the online sale of illegal vehicles?

Many second-hand vehicles are being advertised for sale online but most have no certificate and are going cheap. Some people have been cheated by criminals who persuade the buyer to transfer money before the vehicle is delivered. Vientiane Times asked around for opinions on this deceitful behaviour.

Ms Phaimany Vongkhamsao, a resident of Chanthabouly district, Vientiane: Of course, it’s definitely wrong to sell a vehicle without any accompanying documents. The seller might have stolen it or otherwise obtained possession illegally, so anyone who buys it may be charged with complicity in a crime. The authorities should monitor the cost of items advertised for sale such as land titles, vehicle documents etc. Online advertisers should be able to issue a trading certificate, but we should all think carefully before buying anything online and check out the background of the seller, and make an appointment to meet them face to face when receiving the item being sold and making payment.
Mr Ole Sysombath, a government official from Xaythany district, Vientiane: The sale of second-hand or undocumented vehicles online is illegal under Lao law. These vehicles may have been imported illegally and numerous violations of the law will then have occurred, such as non-payment of taxes and infringement of the law regarding illegal sale. I think this kind of business is improper and the authorities should investigate what’s going on. Vendors should be penalised under criminal law and this kind of business should be wiped out. To avoid becoming a victim, we should scrutinise the facts when buying anything online. It’s essential to check the information thoroughly and make sure that everyone involved is fully informed so that nothing underhand is withheld. If any illegal operators are identified, they should be reported and prosecuted.
Ms Moukthida Phomuaeng, a resident of Xaysettha district, Vientiane: I think the sale of anything that’s been smuggled into the country is illegal because it has not been legally processed. People who engage in this kind of business exploit others and it’s unfair to everyone involved. Each year the government loses money because of these kinds of transactions but such goods and services continue to be widely posted on social media. This means the authorities aren’t doing much to prevent it, so this practice is becoming widespread nowadays. With regard to the processing of documents, everything should be above board and clear and both parties should be happy with the situation. No one should support the purchase or sale of contraband goods and we should all spread the word about this by informing others of the risks involved so that people don’t fall victim to dubious dealings.
Mr Soulideth Ounkeo, a resident of Luang Prabang province: Advertising undocumented cars for sale online is a bad thing for both buyers and sellers and those involved run the risk of being prosecuted. After we have all the documents that relate to a vehicle and all taxes have been paid, only then can the vehicle be used. The seller should be ethical and the buyer should check all the documents carefully before making a payment. The authorities should enforce the rules strictly and penalise those who act unlawfully.
Mr Souksavath Somsanit, a resident of Xaythany district, Vientiane: Buyers of second-hand vehicles should check the documents carefully to make sure the vehicle has not been brought into the country illegally or been stolen. If we drive such a vehicle it means we’re breaking the law and will be in trouble if we’re caught by the police. Before we decide to buy a car, we should make sure it has all the right documents and check out the engine number with the authorities.


By Maniyadfa & Vithaya  
(Latest Update April 21, 2021)

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