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Military flies in supplies for Attapeu flood victims

Sanamxay district, Attapeu province: Military personnel are continuing to deliver food, drinking water, clothes, medicines and other supplies by helicopter to two temporary accommodation centres here, as trucks are unable to access the area.
Temporary accommodation centres have been set up in Dongbak, Hadyao, Donbok, Pindong and Tamoyoth villages but so far helicopters have only been able to deliver supplies to Pindong and Tamoyoth. Flights are also being delayed due to rainfall.
Head of the Flight Training Sector under Regiment 703, Lieutenant Colonel Khamsouk Khamleuangthep, told Vientiane Times yesterday “Trucks still cannot access the two temporary centres in Tamoyoth and Pindok villages because the roads and bridges leading to these centres have been badly damaged by floodwaters.”
“The centres are about 15 km from centre of Sanamxay district and are located on high ground, making it easier for authorities to cater to the occupants’ needs. Meanwhile, some injured people have been moved to central Sanamxay district,” he added.
Over 100 families are now being accommodated at the shelters in Tamoyoth and Pindong villages.
“We are continuing to deliver relief supplies including rescue equipment, tents and other essentials using three MI-17 helicopters,” Lt. Col. Khamsouk said.
The helicopters have made over 180 flights so far, picked up almost 2,000 villagers, and transferred over 40 people with injuries.
Lt. Col. Khamsouk said military personnel and 17 rescuers from Singapore were still searching for missing people but were hampered by muddy water, thick mud, and uprooted trees.
The 13 villages affected by the flood are Hinlath, Thasaengchanh, Samongtai, Thahin, Mai, Thae, Tamoyoth, Phonsa-at, Nongkhae, Hadoudom, Sompoy, Xaydonkhong and Pindong. A total of 13,067 people in these villages were affected. More than 7,000 displaced people are being accommodated at five temporary centres in Sanamxay district while others have gone to stay with relatives in Attapeu and other provinces.
The National Ad Hoc Committee in charge of dealing with the aftermath of the disaster says the most urgent need is for food, including dried and instant goods and rice, along with drinking water and clean water for daily use, as well as cooking equipment, tents and other essential items.
Local authorities are focusing on providing temporary shelters, food, health services and toilets.
The death toll from the flood so far remains the same at 35, including three injured people who died in hospital. Some 99 people are still missing. 

By Phomphong Laoin
(Latest Update
August 10,

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