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September 2, 2014

Regional meeting to improve metrology and geophysics



1.A group of students and teachers from Vientiane-Ho Chi Minh Friendship Secondary School gather at the official ceremony to open their new school year on September                   --Photo Khamphan

1. Ministry battles to ensure children finish primary school
The main challenge facing the Ministry of Education and Sports and its development partners is the need to ensure that many more children complete primary school. More >>>

2. Ministry imposes stricter checks on imported black oil
The Ministry of Finance has instructed border officials to carry out tougher checks on partially refined imported oil after learning of irregularities in the trade that are depriving the government of a huge amount of taxes. More >>>

3. Regional meeting to improve metrology and geophysics
Asean Meteorology members have gathered for the 36th Subcommittee on Meteorology and Geophysics (SCMG) held in Vientiane, which began yesterday. More >>>

4. Officials discuss education sector development plan 
Senior education officials and development partners gathered yesterday in Vientiane at the Education Sector Working Group (ESWG) Executive Level meeting to discuss issues in the field of education. More >>>

Laos ready to host Asean education ministers’ meeting 
Laos is fully prepared to host the 8th Asean Education Ministers Meeting (8th ASED) scheduled to take place in Vientiane from September 8-13. More >>>


September 02, 2014
- Laos furthers ties with UN agencies
Laos highly values the assistance provided by the United Nations (UN) towards the government’s goals of widescale industrialisation and modernisation, as well as in the area of drug control. More >>>
- Newest province gears up for ‘Visit Xaysomboun Year’
Provincial authorities have confirmed they will have the necessary facilities in place to launch the Visit Xaysomboun Year promotion campaign in December 2015. More >>>
- Bokeo lights up with solar power 
An international non-government organisation (NGO) and a Lao renewable energy company has provided more than 200 solar home systems to four remote villages in Bokeo province. More >>>
- Thoulakhom road project to be completed by 2017
The project to reconstruct the fork road from Nanokkhoum village, Thoulakhom district, Vientiane province to Naxay village, Pakngum district, Vientiane will be complete in 2017. More >>>

September 1 , 2014
- New cook stoves tested in Vientiane
An improved cook stove programme supported by SNV, the Netherlands development organisation, provides consumers with more durable and efficient stoves that are not only better for users' health, but also save households time and money. More >>>
- Resource Exchange International supports pediatric medicine
The Resource Exchange International (REI) has agreed to enhance the skills of Lao doctors through a medicine and English language training and development project. More >>>
- Police warn public to be aware of electrical dangers
Vientiane Police Office has warned members of the public to be more aware of electrocution after four people have been killed by faulty appliances and circuitry over the past two months. More >>>
- Burglary on the rise again
Vientiane police have warned business owners that another gang has been breaking into offices and factories to locate safe boxes and steal the money and valuables stored inside. More >>>

August 29, 2014
- NA members confer on 35th AIPA preparations
National Assembly (NA) members and the organising committee of the 35th Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) discussed content preparations for the event in readiness for the regional assembly set for September 14-20. More >>>
- Sangthong folk savour benefits of development
Shops selling food have sprung up like mushrooms in Vientiane's Sangthong district now that more roads have been built in the area in recent years. More >>>
- Vientiane province undecided on solar streetlights
Vientiane province administration may consider installing solar powered street lighting along roads in its new capital if the system works well and helps the authorities to save money. More >>>
- Borikhamxay police catch major drug trafficker
Borikhamxay Provincial Drug Control Police seized almost 600 kilograms of dry cannabis being transported by a Fortuner SUV in the province last week. More >>>

August 28, 2014
- Traffic conditions to be broadcast live on radio
Traffic conditions during the morning and evening rush hours will now be reported via public security radio on FM 101.5Mhz starting next Monday in an effort to reduce traffic jams in Vientiane. More >>>
- Damages to rice fields still unclear after flooding
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry still doesn't know how many hectares of rice need to be rehabilitated after the recent flash flooding incidents. More >>>
- Criminal cases for January to June reported
Throughout the country police were able to solve more than 2,000 criminal cases and seize large quantities of drugs in the first six months of this year. More >>>

August 27, 2014
- Experts tackle child labour issues
Guaranteeing school enrolment, law enforcement and building of public awareness on child labour are keys to preventing it from occurring in society. More >>>
- Lack of street lighting sparking concerns about social ills 
The streetlights along many Vientiane roads and streets are broken, causing the city to be plunged into darkness and sparking concerns about rising social ills in the capital. More >>>
- Vientiane drug committees push forward free drug announcements
The Vientiane Committees for Drug Control together with local officials are working urgently to address drug problems in several villages of the capital, aiming towards announcing it as a drug free city next year. More >>>
- Lao Red Cross needs more blood donors
Lao Red Cross is requesting more blood donors to boost its supplies in the country to meet the growing demand of society.
According to an official from the Lao Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre, Dr Khamchan Khammanivong, they were unable to supply enough blood to meet the growing demand of people in need in Laos. More >>>

August 26, 2014
- Lao NA's role to be enhanced at AIPA
The Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) will contribute to further enhancing the profile of Laos in the international arena, notably the role and reputation of the National Assembly (NA). More >>>
Nayobai Bank's loan rate is low, deputy bank governor says
The interest rates levied on loans granted by the Nayobai Bank are low in comparison with rates offered by other commercial banks, a deputy governor of the Bank of the Lao PDR has confirmed. More >>>
Nam Nern Night Safari expands tours, attract visitors
Nam Nern Night Safari, located in the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Projected Area in Huaphan province, is offering new services for tourists after the success of their night time wildlife safari. More >>>
Locals ask for more cooperation fighting fires
Local people are asking for more cooperation between fireman and electricity officials to expedite fire fighting response times. More >>>

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Laos, Argentina strengthen cooperation

- New propaganda head assumes post
- Laos needs to raise awareness on human rights
- Driving to Sangthong now quicker and easier

- Small firms, hydropower and mining receive World Bank financing
Renovation of Hor Phra Keo Museum to start soon
PM pushes for more rice seed studies plap plap
Age-old Japanese cuisine comes to Laos
Calls for help going unanswered, foundation laments
Govt aims to deal with land disputes
Lao Stock Market Information is available here

- Global markets end lower in a wobbly week
- EDL-Gen Friday surge buoys market liquidity


Lao-China Trade fair to boost bilateral trade The first Lao-China (Guangxi) Trade Fair will be held in Laos from September 5-9 at Lao-ITECC, aiming to promote bilateral trade and cooperation between the Guangxi Zhuang ....More >>>


Lao Supermodel contestants move to final round The Lao Supermodel 2014 competition has shortlisted 35 contestants from a pool of 110 people after a runway showcase held at Settha Palace hotel in Vientiane last Saturday.More >>>


Makphet restaurant spices up training for disadvantaged youth
Award winning restaurant Makphet is combining the ingredients of great food and trying to address social issues at the same time. Due to growing popularity it recently reopened at a new larger site in Ban Inpeng, Vientiane . More >>>

World news

Protesters clash with Pakistan police, storm TV ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistani anti-government protesters stormed the state TV building on Monday, forcing the channel briefly off the air as they clashed with police and pushed further into a ... More >>>


How do you feel about spending the day at a waterfall?
About one and a half hours from Vientiane city is a beautiful place called Tat Hin Pafa (softshell turtle stone waterfall). On the outskirts of Xaythany district bordering with Vientiane province it is nestled into the hillside on the edge of the Phou Khao Khouy mountain range. More >>>


Charity Golf Tournament winners recognised The National Regulation Authority (NRA) held a presentation ceremony on Friday to honour the winners of the UXO Victim Assistance Charity Golf Tournament held at Lao Country Golf Club on ...More >>>


Climbing mountain temples for peace of mind
An old Lao proverb says the road to hell is easy but the path to the heavens is hard, and this thought entered my head whilst hiking up to the ancient ruins at Vat Phou Champassak where I took time out to meditate. ...More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Bokeo family finds pig farming brings home the bacon
Amix of crop growing and animal husbandry has been key to helping Mr Kanechanh Vannavet's family to escape from poverty as they struggle to eke out a living in a far flung corner of northern Bokeo province. . . . . . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Horkhao Padapdin festival honours ancestors
A woman known to everyone as Aunt Chansy, sits on a comfortable sofa in the living room as she recounts a drama she once saw to her two sons and one daughter so that they can understand the importance of. . . . . More >>>


Pharmacy owner helps fight against malaria Ms Khonesavanh Phouvongkonchanh runs a small pharmacy in Tatpo village, Pathoumphone district, Champassak province which has become the place to go for diagnosis and ... More >>>


Safest age for pregnancy
Women stand the best chance of giving birth to a healthy baby and suffering fewer complications if they are aged between 18 and 35 when becoming pregnant. . . More >>>


Disabled dog versus stealthy cobra snake
Villagers have found one of their cattle dead, with suspicions of a cobra attack being the cause as snakes had been frequently spotted in the village. ... .More >>>


Children breathe our garbage
Imagine if the trillions of plastic shopping bags produced around the world were to magically disappear after a single use. Could you imagine how much cleaner and more beautiful our world would be? . . More >>>

AIPA Special

Lao National Assembly on foreign affairs The Lao National Assembly (Lao NA) has been a member of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) for 17 years and in this article we will see the roles of the Lao NA on the regional and international stage through being a member. More >>>

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