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August 4, 2015

Indian government supports irrigation development in Laos


1.Vehicles drive through a flooded section of Road No. 13 South in the Nongmakjup area of Borikhamxay province on Sunday, about 45km from the provincial capital.

1. Over 30 Borikhamxay families affected by flooding
A uthorities in Borikhamxay province are distributing food to more than 30 families in the Huayleuk village group of Thaphabath district after their homes were flooded following torrential rain on Sunday evening. More >>>

2. Five nations jointly market their tourism industry
Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to jointly market themselves as “Five Countries, One Destination” in a move to bring more tourists to the region and integrate their tourism industries. More >>>

3. Indian government supports irrigation development in Laos
The Indian government continues to assist irrigation development in Laos in order for the country to ensure food security and become a rice exporter.
More >>>

4. Bumper fish hauls at spawning time
Many kinds of fish being caught in the river zones of Champassak province in the southern part of the country just now are found to be carry eggs and are ready to spawn. More >>>

Ministry outlines models for Three Builds directive
The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism is making clear the outstanding achievements to be used as models during the implementation of the Party's Three Builds (Sam Sang) directive within the sector. More >>>


August 4, 2015
- City authorities inspect drains as downpours cause floods
Vientiane Administration officials teamed up last week to inspect drainage channels around the capital in a bid to prevent further flooding this rainy season. More >>>
- Two Lao schools win 2nd Asean Eco-schools Award
Thongkang Primary School and Xaysettha Secondary School of Laos have been awarded the 2nd Asean Eco-schools Award in recognition of their exemplary efforts in inculcating environmental awareness in all aspects of education to students and surrounding communities.
More >>>
- Be aware of social problems, police warn
Vientiane Police Office has reminded members of the public to be more aware about social problems in Vientiane after a spate of recent thefts and bag snatchings. More >>>
- Road deaths drop in July
The number of road accidents nationwide dropped by almost 50 incidents in July compared to June, according to a report by the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security. More >>>
- Authorities sparking interest in welder employment opportunities
Despite young people perceiving a lack of job opportunities there is in fact strong labour demand in Vientiane and other provinces for graduates from the Lao-German Technical School, especially welders.
More >>>

August 3, 2015
- Peace and solidarity committee celebrates 32nd anniversary
The Lao Committee for Peace and Solidarity (LCPS) recently held a press conference at the Lao Journalists' Association in Vientiane to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of the LCPS (August 1 1983 - August 1 2015). More >>>
- US Embassy promotes education in Luang Prabang
Staff from the United States Embassy in Vientiane travelled to Luang Prabang province to discuss educational opportunities from July 27-29. More >>>
- Vietnam hands over newly built school to Luang Namtha
The Viengphoukha Upper Secondary School built with funding from the Vietnamese government was officially handed over to Luang Namtha province of Laos after 18 months of construction, according to Vietnam News Agency . More >>>
- KOICA dispatches more World Friends Advisors to Laos
Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has sent eight more World Friends Advisors to Laos so as to continue to contribute to socio-economic development and poverty eradication across the country through sharing expertise, knowledge, and experiences. More >>>

July 30, 2015
- Diphtheria breaks out in Laos
In recent months diphtheria outbreaks have been reported in six places in Laos, in Vientiane and the provinces of Vientiane, Savannakhet, Khammuan, Huaphan and Luang Namtha. A total of 476 cases including six deaths were reported as of July 25, 2015. More >>>
- Xaysettha police arrest 48 drug users
Taskforce officers from Xaysettha district police office have arrested some 48 young people for using drugs after searching a house in Nonkhortai village, Vientiane, the Khuamsangob Daily reported yesterday. More >>>
- Champassak technical teachers to gain automotive skills
Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd will work with Champassak Technical and Vocational College in Pakxe district, Champassak province to enhance capacity building for teachers in the field of automotive repairs. More >>>
- Dental caries remains high in Vientiane
Despite the fact that the incidence of dental caries has decreased in 10 primary schools benefiting from a Japanese supported project in Vientiane, dental caries still remains prevalent. More >>>

July 30, 2015
- Quality nursing services key to patient care and satisfaction
Better nursing care in Laos was the focus of a meeting in Vientiane yesterday as 150 health officials reviewed and discussed the newly-revised “Guidelines for the Scope of Nursing Practice”. More >>>
- Continued French support for studies in France
The 60 French speaking Lao students studying to work in the health and tourism sectors and their teachers will be able to continue their education in France from the end of July courtesy of the scholarships being provided by the French government. More >>>
- Early life nutrition workshop launched in Vientiane
The Lao Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Health Sciences held a workshop on ‘Early life nutrition and updating emergency obstetrics care' recently. More >>>
- Japan empowers skills for the disabled
Japan's continuing support for the empowerment of disabled people in Laos through various skills based projects was highlighted at a contract signing yesterday. More >>>

July 29, 2015
- Police to report on drinking water fraud
Police officials may organise a press conference today (Wednesday) to explain the situation regarding the fake Tigerhead drinking water bottles uncovered in some local shops after the fake producers were caught recently. More >>>
- Savannakhet stone house road reaches 80 percent completion
Visiting the Stone House (Heuan Hin) in Xayphouthong district of Savannakhet province is now much more convenient after the asphalt surfacing of Road No 11 reached 80 percent completion recently. More >>>
- Medics plan for infectious disease control
Health officials have discussed efforts to set up a plan to fight against emerging infectious diseases and deal with public health emergencies from 2016-2020. More >>>
UHS needs Korean scholarships to develop dental faculty
Lao dental health experts and counterparts from the Republic of Korea met in Vientiane yesterday to discuss the need for human resource development within the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Health Sciences (UHS). More >>>
- All hydropower potential must be developed: energy official
The country's considerable potential for renewable energy will be developed to provide sustainable benefits for the Lao people, a senior official from the Department of Policy and Planning of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. More >>>


Football club asks BBC to reveal the truth

- Session approves govt plans, gives instruction for better results
- Deputy minister pledges more varied TV programmes
- NA debates education law amendment
- Laos reassures stakeholders on Xayaboury transparency
- Australia to create human trafficking database in Laos
- NA approves cabinet reshuffle
- NA opens to consider cabinet members, economic issues
- Attapeu International Airport opens
- Thailand funds drug treatment centre in Laos
- Laos-Myanmar Friendship Bridge opens
- Renovated museum receives crowning glory
- Laos, Vietnam enhance cooperation ties
Lao Stock Market Information is available here

- Global markets end lower in a wobbly week
- EDL-Gen Friday surge buoys market liquidity


BS Capital Lao launch their first social responsibility programme
BS Capital Lao, a new leasing company under the umbrella of the BS Financial Group of the Republic of Korea, has made its first local donation as part of ... More >>>


Famous singer seeks fan support
Boy, half of the famous singing duo Teler Boy is urging his fans to support him by voting for him in the ‘Hottest Bachelor Dream in Vientiane' a competition thought up by the Wow Magazine Society...More >>>


Media and Publications grow over 65 years
This story is to mark the 65 years anniversary of the establishment of Media and Publication Day of the Lao PDR on August 13, 1950.. ... More >>>

World news

Monsoon rains kill more than 100 people in India
NEW DELHI (AP) -- Heavy monsoon rains have killed more than 100 people in India in the past week and forced tens of thousands of people to take shelter in state-run... More >>>


What do you think about the quality of Lao media today?
Lao Mass Media Day is marked on August 13 and this year it is also the 65th anniversary of the Lao Mass Media. Vientiane Times reporters asked some members of the public for their thoughts on the current state of Lao media ... More >>>


League football TV rights switched to LNTV channel 3
 Football fans around country will now be able to watch on TV every other match in the Lao premier League this year as they will be broadcast on channel 3 of Lao... More >>>


Time for some sightseeing in Timor Leste
As a new country in Southeast Asia, Timor Leste, which regained independence in 2002, might not be as well known as other countries in the region... More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Animal rearing key to improving living standards
There are many things that can make people feel despondent and lacking in ambition but this is not the case for Mr Samlan Saysouk's family because they have been patient . . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Spending life as a nun during Buddhist Lent
We see many women dressed in white clothes at local temples; they are the nuns; they are ordinated and preparing themselves to practice the teachings of the Buddha...More >>>


Let's explore bookshops across the border
In a busy shopping mall in the heart of Thailand, youngsters calmly browse through cartoon books page by page before pulling out money from their pockets to buy, while some adults are busy searching for.. ...More >>>


Cigarette packet warning images benefit public health
Graphic warning images on cigarette packets can be effective in reducing the rate of smoking by correctly informing the public about related health problems, according to a leading health official. . More >>>


Non-profit promoting Lao stories and reading to children
Under the slogan “Providing Lao Children with a better reading environment and brighter future” a Vientiane based non-profit organisation's vision is to produce books to inspire their education. . ...


Fishing futures under question in the lower Mekong basin
Standing at the head of a wooden fishing boat in the middle of the Mekong River where hundreds of fishermen are jostling for the best position to set their nets, a 65 year old fisherman named Mr Thong Ming has high hopes of landing a saleable catch. .. More >>>

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