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Texas group takes in about 30 parents separated from kids

EL PASO, Texas (AP) -- A Texas charitable organization says 32 immigrant parents separated from their children after crossing the US-Mexico border were freed into its care, but they don’t know where their kids are or when they might see them again despite government assurances that family reunification would be well organized.

.. More >>>

June 25, 2018
- Displaced families stranded in Sanaa after fleeing war in Yemen’s Hodeidah
SANAA (Xinhua) -- Thousands of families arrived on Saturday in the rebel-held capital Sanaa, after fleeing military confrontations between pro-government forces and armed rebels in Yemen’s Hodeidah port city... More >>>

June 23, 2018
- Trans-Siberian Railway to Busan mooted as Moon arrives in Russia
(The Korea Herald) -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in was set to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, following the two countries’ pledge to improve bilateral ties on economic cooperation and denuclearisation of North Korea. .. More >>>

June 22, 2018
- ASEM strengthens Asia-Europe response to climate change
CAN THƠ CITY (Vietnam News) -- ASEM’s pioneering role as a key driver of economic growth and innovation in the 21st century and its contributions to international efforts to address global challenges were highlighted at a two-day conference that ended in Can Tho City yesterday... More >>>

June 21, 2018
- Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un hold talks in Beijing
BEIJING (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Chinese president, held talks with Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), in Beijing on Tuesday... More >>>

June 20, 2018
- Asean, Chinese journalists explore beauty of Laos and Thailand
Thailand: Journalists from Asean countries and China this month are exploring the charms and beauty of Thailand and Laos as they experience world-famous tourist attractions... More >>>

June 19, 2018
- Inequality dominates discussions at German global media event
Inequality around the world was the topic of discussion last week as 2,000 participants from 120 nations took part in the 11th Global Media Forum (GMF) in Bonn, Germany. .. More >>>

June 18, 2018
- Greek gov’t survives no confidence motion over Macedonia name deal
ATHENS (Xinhua) -- Greece's government survived on Saturday a no confidence motion tabled by main opposition party.. More >>>

June 16, 2018
- DPRK, US mutual respect urged
China (China Daily) -- President Xi Jinping said China hopes the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will meet halfway, mutually respect each other and make further unwavering efforts in seeking a political settlement to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.
Xi made the remark in a meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday night in Beijing... More >>>

June 15, 2018
- Mars could have supported life: NASA
WASHINGTON (China Daily/Sputnik ) - The best evidence that life once existed on Mars has been revealed in 3-billion-year old organic matter.. More >>>

June 14, 2018
- Yunnan, China playing host to Mekong media training
The first “One River, One Family” themed seminar for media officials and journalists from Mekong countries got underway in Yunnan, China, on Tuesday... More >>>

June 13, 2018
- Trump, Kim ink document on denuclearisation, security
(China Daily) -- US President Donald Trump and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong-un signed a document after their historic summit covering both the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and US security guarantees to the DPRK... More >>>

June 12, 2018
- Ethiopia PM vows not to harm Egypt’s share of Nile water
CAIRO (Xinhua) -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali vowed on Sunday that Ethiopia will not harm Egypt’s share of the Nile River water through the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)... More >>>

June 11, 2018
- Facebook closes some accounts of Myanmar hard-liners
(Asia News Network/Eleven) -- Facebook has blacklisted a group of Myanmar Buddhist hardliners including monks notorious for bilious hate speech against Bengali Muslims, the company said on June 7, as it scrambles to show it is tackling inflammatory content... More >>>

June 09, 2018
- London fights back against moped crimewave
(China Daily) -- London has experienced a huge rise in crimes committed by people riding mopeds in the last 12 months, police statistics have revealed... More >>>

June 08, 2018
- Death toll of Baghdad explosion rises to 14
BAGHDAD (Xinhua) -- The death toll of a huge explosion in eastern Baghdad on Wednesday rose to 14, while more than 90 others were wounded, an Interior Ministry source said... More >>>

June 07, 2018
- Italian new gov’t clears first big hurdle, winning confidence vote in Senate
ROME (Xinhua) -- The new Italian government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday won the confidence vote in Senate.
Nearly nine hours after debate started, Italy’s Senate, the upper house of parliament, backed Conte’s government by a vote of 171-117, mostly along party lines. A total of 25 senators abstained from voting. The outcome was widely expected... More >>>

June 06, 2018
- Political hate crimes spike as elections near
South Korea (The Korea Herald) -- A series of attacks on politicians have taken place in South Korea, heightening concerns about a rise in hate crimes as local elections close in. .. More >>>

June 05, 2018
- Russian president’s upcoming visit is of great significance: China’s top diplomat
JOHANNESBURG (China Daily/Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming state visit to China is of great significance to the planning of the next-phase growth of China-Russia relations, said China’s top diplomat Wang Yi on Sunday... More >>>

June 04, 2018
- New Italian govt vows to create jobs, deport migrants
ROME (AP) -- Italy’s new populist leaders commemorated the founding of the Italian republic by attending a pomp-filled military parade Saturday — and then promised to get to work creating jobs and expelling migrants... More >>>

June 02, 2018
- Italian president reappoints Giuseppe Conte as PM-designate to lead coalition gov’t
ROME (China Daily/Xinhua) -- The Italian president reappointed law professor Giuseppe Conte as Prime Minister-designate on Thursday in order to lead a coalition government... More >>>

May 31, 2018
- Death toll due to Nipah virus now 15 in Kerala
New Delhi (The Statesman) --The deadly Nipah has claimed two more lives in Kerala, with two men succumbing to the virus, a health department official said on Thursday. .. More >>>

- Belgian shooter killed 4th person before attack: minister
BRUSSELS (AP) -- Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said Wednesday that a man who shot dead two police officers and a bystander in the eastern city of Liege had already killed another person the day before the attack... More >>>

May 30, 2018
- Asean, China’s Anhui enhance relationship through media tour
Anhui Province, China: An Asean-China media tour programme kicked off on Sunday in China’s eastern province of Anhui to promote relationships and mutual understanding between the 10-member regional bloc and China... More >>>

May 29, 2018
- Flash flood surges through Maryland community
ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (AP) -- Flash floods struck a Maryland city on Sunday that had been wracked by similar devastation two years earlier, prompting emergency rescues as raging waters engulfed cars and rose above the first floor of some buildings, authorities said... More >>>

May 28, 2018
- Second giant panda born in Malaysia makes public debut
KUALA LUMPUR (Xinhua) -- The second giant panda born in Malaysia made her first public appearance at the national zoo here on Saturday.
.. More >>>

May 26, 2018
- Explosion in Canadian restaurant wounds 15 people
TORONTO (AP) -- An explosion caused by “improvised explosive device” ripped through an Indian restaurant in a mall in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, wounding 15 people, Canadian police said... More >>>

May 25, 2018
- UN chief calls for rooting out corruption
UNITED NATIONS (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday asked countries to root out corruption on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the UN Convention Against Corruption... More >>>

May 24, 2018
- Two trains derailed after collision in Pakistan’s Lahore
ISLAMABAD (Xinhua) -- Two trains were derailed after an accident in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore on Tuesday afternoon, an official from the Pakistan Railways said... More >>>

May 23, 2018
- Tearful Malaysia anti-graft chief says he got death threats, witnesses went missing during 1MDB probe
PUTRAJAYA (the Straits Times) - Death threats, missing witnesses and sackings - these were obstacles faced by Malaysia’s anti-graft agency while probing the 1MDB financial scandal in 2015, revealed the agency’s new chief in a dramatic account on Tuesday (May 22)... More >>>

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