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Vietnamese voters satisfied with anti-corruption outcomes

Hanoi (Vietnam News) -- Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trọng on Sunday met with voters in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh, Tay Ho and Hoan Kiem districts to inform them about the planned agenda of the 14th National Assembly’s fifth session and listen to their opinions on a number of issues.
Tran Quoc Hoan, a voter in Ba Dinh, said he is delighted with achievements the country has recorded in socio-economic development and external affairs, helping improve the country’s role and position in the international arena. He said serious corruption cases brought to light have demonstrated the Party’s drastic actions against corruption and other bad deeds.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trọng on Sunday met with voters in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh, Tay Ho and Hoan Kiem districts.

He described ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation as a disease that has continued for a long time and has been identified as a threat to the existence of the Party and the regime.
The disease must be prevented, he said, citing cases involving Trịnh Xuan Thanh and other high-ranking police officers to clarify his view.
Echoing Hoan’s view, Nguyen Huy Yen, also a voter in Ba Dinh, stressed the determination and drastic actions taken by the Party to fight corruption and other bad deeds.  The voter expressed his hope that the Party and State will take more drastic actions to combat corruption in order to create public trust and momentum for socio-economic development.
A Ba Dinh citizen, Nguyen Khac Thịnh, said voters agreed with a policy that the secretary of a party committee is not a local. It is necessary to have close regulations on the collection of votes of confidence for officials.
Voters also said that officials must be responsible for explaining the origins of their assets, ensuring openness and transparency.
Nguyen Duc Mạnh from Hoan Kiem District, meanwhile, held that officials’ assets should be publicised in their residential areas.
The people wish the Party and State to engage in corruption prevention, he said, stressing the need for effective measures to prevent any acts of revenge against whistleblowers and resolutely reclaim fishy assets.
Another voter from Hoan Kiem, Phạm Van Quang, said it is necessary to build strong and pure party cells in order to make the corruption fight more practical and effective.
The revision of the Anti-corruption Law must be closely supervised and stricter sanctions need to be put into place while heads of agencies and units where corruption acts are detected must take responsibility, said Nguyen Cong Hoa, a voter from Hoan Kiem. At the meetings, Hanoi voters pointed out many pressing issues that need to be addressed thoroughly, including deforestation, fire prevention, food safety, urban planning, and education-training.
Welcoming local residents’ opinions, Party General Secretary Trọng exchanged views on each issue mentioned, noting that these opinions are the basis for deputies to report to the NA and make efforts to solve problems.
With regard to voters’ interest in the corruption fight, he said this is a critically important but also complicated work. The combat against corruption has gained initial important outcomes recently, a result unachievable without people’s support, which has consolidated the resolve to continue this fight. He shared many participants’ view that the corruption fight has become a trend, and no one can be an outsider of this trend.
However, there remains much to be done and stronger, persistent and resolute actions are needed to fight corruption and negative phenomena, especially at grassroots levels.

(Latest Update May 15, 2018)

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