Dried meat snacks a tasty treat

Today, many people are looking for the highest standard when it comes to food products, which is why businesses are striving to produce top quality products to boost their sales.
The marketing manager of the Maetou Food Processing Factory, Ms Souksavanh Bouttavong, said there is fierce competition since customers now have many choices. If your product is low quality, you will not be able to compete with the many good quality products out there, which means you will be cut out of the market. As a result, only good products at reasonable prices will survive.
As Ms Souksavanh is a fan of dried meat, she bought dried pork and beef regularly. But she was not sure if the meat she bought was produced under hygienic conditions. So she thought about making her own dried meat together with her younger sister, using the slogan ‘good taste with good hygiene’.
They invested more than 500 million kip to set up the Maetou Food Processing Factory at the end of 2017. This included paying for buying new machines process the meat.

Samples of dried pork and beef ready to eat.

Ms Souksavanh says that every step of the process is important and products should be prepared using high standards of hygiene.
This includes selecting the best ingredients. The meat should come from the rump of a cow or pig as this is delicious when seasoned and dried.
The meat should first be washed and then cut into small pieces. Most importantly, the fat and tendons should be removed.
After that she advises mixing the meat with other ingredients before putting it in a fridge for 24 hours.
Finally, the meat should be roasted over an open fire. The fire should not be too hot so as to preserve the flavour of the meat. After roasting, the dried meat should be put in a machine to kill any germs, and then it’s vacuum sealed. 
“Doing it this way can extend the shelf life of the meat while preserving its taste. It also ensures cleanliness,” said Ms Souksavanh.  
Lastly, the dried meat is packaged before being distributed to sales outlets.
Maetou dried meat is made according to the principles of good hygiene and can be given as a present to friends, and relatives.
Ms Souksavanh has already applied to the Food and Drug Department of the Ministry of Health for a food safety certificate.
“I hope that I will receive the certificate, as it will create confidence among consumers about the quality of the meat,” she said.
Today, Ms Souksavanh makes two kinds of dried meat – beef and pork. The pork comes in three flavours – spicy, normal and sweet - while the beef is processed in normal and spicy flavours. 
The packages come in two sizes – a 158 gram pack of pork costs 40,000 kip while beef costs 70,000 kip. A small 10 gram pack of pork costs 10,000 kip.
People who want to buy these products can do so at the Maetou Food Processing Factory in Thongkhankham village, Chanthabouly district, and at Ms Souksavanh’s stall at Lao-ITECC.
To develop her business, she plans to produce more flavours of dried meat, such as herbal. To promote the products, she plans to sell them at fairs in Vientiane and the provinces.
Once she gets more money, she wants to improve the quality of her products for export.
For Visit Laos Year, she also wants to introduce Maetou dried meat to tourists so they can buy some as a souvenir to take home for their friends and relatives.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update March 31, 2018

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