Rice farmer switches to chickens to boost income

Running a chicken farm brings in a good income for a family because both chickens and eggs are easy to sell due to their cheap price and are always in demand by local vendors and markets.
Mr Bounluan Inthavong, 67, owns a chicken farm in Nanart village, Naxaithong district, Vientiane, where he has raised chickens and fish since 2015.
Mr Bounluan also grows rice on 3-4 hectares but the fields were often flooded so he decided to build a chicken farm and fish ponds on the land instead.
This proved to be a wise and profitable decision.
He created three fish ponds which contain 30,000 tilapia and other fish, and built two chicken houses in which he keeps 3,000 chickens valued at about 300 million kip.
He bought the birds for 26,000 kip (100 baht) each from the Charoen Pokphand Group of Thailand in Laos, and they lay eggs for about 18 months. If chickens don’t produce eggs, he sells them to vendors for 20,000 kip each.
So far, he has raised 3,000 chickens which lay 2,100 eggs a day. He sells them to local vendors who come to his farm to buy eggs every day.
They sell for 20,000 kip per tray of 30 eggs, bringing in 1.4 million kip a day.
Each day Mr Bounluan earns 400,000 kip, which amounts to more than 10 million kip a month.
He says it has taken him only three years to recoup the money he spent to build the chicken farm and fish ponds.   
In the future, he plans to join a livestock group in Naxaithong district. He is keen to do this because the group uses a system that cleans chicken eggs and selects them. This will increase the value of his eggs as they will be clean and their quality and food safety can be assured.
Livestock groups in Naxaithong district also help with the sale of eggs and feeding of chickens as well as helping to prevent disease among chicken flocks.
Mr Bounluan is also planning to grow vegetables for market sale as he thinks this will be another success story because of the high market demand.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update March 10, 2018

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