Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit modernises facility

The Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport is continuously improving itself to offer faster and more modern services for public satisfaction.
The first outstanding government service award, presented by the Ministry of Home Affairs two years ago, is still a factor that encourages officials of the unit to develop services and modern facilities to meet pubic demands.
The unit has already made improvements in different fields throughout the first six months of this year. It has repaired the driving examination control centre and the facilities at Namxuang driving teaching school in Naxaithong district.
More than 25,000 new vehicles have been registered by the unit, and more than 800,000 vehicle licences have been extended. The unit also generated more than 12 billion kip in revenues for the state budget.
Mr Nouanxay Phaxaysombath talks about some more works that will be taken up in the years to come to ensure the unit becomes a modern government service.

Mr Nouanxay Phaxaysombath.

Q: What is the method for registration of vehicles before they can be driven in the territory of Laos?
A: All vehicles are needed to register at the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit in line with the law. This means the vehicle should have import permission from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Tax for the vehicle must be paid to the Ministry of Finance. It should have a vehicle technique certificate from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. In this unit, the vehicle will be registered as the property of an individual or juristic person. The road tax and registration fee must be paid according to the President’s decree before a number plate is provided.
Q: Have you faced any problems in vehicle control in the past?
A: In the past, the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit found some vehicles using fake number plates. Some vehicles had real number plates, but the number on the vehicle’s body was another car’s number. Sometimes, the unit found both fake vehicle licences and illegal vehicles. In addition, there are some illegal vehicles being used in the capital.
Q: What do you think when some people say that driving licence examination is difficult, but the quality of driving is substandard?
A: The driving licence examination is very strict today as we are using a modern IT system. According to this system, the computer will give a grade to applicants. This means if you fail, the computer will inform you which step of the testing you failed. Some people usually blame the driving licence system for being substandard when there is a road accident. We want to share with everyone that we are sure that the unit’s driving licence examination is of a good standard because this system has been used in China, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and other developed countries. That’s why road accidents are not due to mistakes of the driving licence system, but it is due to the mistakes of drivers who do not respect traffic regulations.
Q: How different are the standards of the driving schools in Vientiane and in the provinces?
A: The standard of the examination of driving schools in Vientiane is the same. This is because these schools use learning system from the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit to teach their students. But the standard of examinations in the provinces is different from the examination in Vientiane. This is because some provinces do not have enough human resources to conduct tests of the same standard as the capital’s driving examination. As the result, some provinces only conduct a theoretical examination, but do not include a practical examination.
Q: What are your plans for developing the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit in future?
A: We are conducting a study to set up a strategic plan on how to provide better services for public satisfaction. This means the service should be fast, convenient, transparent, modernised and safe. Now, we are waiting for public feedback on the result of services at the unit, conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs in May 2018. The unit will use the public feedback and demands for establishing its future strategic plan.
Q: In the end, how would you like the concerned sectors to participate in the development of the Vientiane Vehicle Control Unit?
A: We are happy to receive all public feedback. We hope this feedback will support us to improve our services for public satisfaction in the years to come.
We also want drivers to respect traffic regulations while driving. They should drive politely and be aware of road safety. In addition, before buying and selling a vehicle, you must check all its documents. If you are not confident about a vehicle, you are advised to bring it to the unit to be checked. This is because today there are bad people trying to play tricks on others for their own benefit.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update July 4, 2018

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