10 January 2019

Huaphan hospital headway cementing Lao-Viet cooperation  

- Govt approves special budget for flood recovery
The government has approved a special budget of 500 billion kip (US$58 million) to repair public infrastructure that was damaged in last year’s floods, indicating that the remaining recovery work could soon begin.
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- PM urges ministries to prepare for economic challenges
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith on Tuesday praised the country’s planning, investment and finance sectors and urged everyone to keep up their good performance. However, the prime minister said there were plenty of tough challenges coming up, for which everyone should be prepared. .. More >>>

 Huaphan hospital headway cementing Lao-Viet cooperation
Construction of a new hospital in Huaphan province to further cement the brotherly relations between Laos and Vietnam is now 25 percent complete. “Work on the hospital is making good progress and the building is 25 percent complete after construction began in June 2018. Completion is expected at the end of this year,” Deputy Director of the Planning and Investment Department in Huaphan province, Mr Mayleuy Phimmasone told Vientiane Times. ...More >>>


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- Laos, Austria look forward to closer cooperation
Laos and Austria are hoping to strengthen their relationship and continue with various cooperation projects, some of which are currently being studied. The cooperation progress between the two countries was reviewed when the newly appointed Lao ambassador Sithong Chitnhothinh presented his credentials to the President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen on Monday, according to Laos’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . . More >>>

- Hmong community celebrates New Year with traditional festivities
Provinces across the country have been celebrating the Hmong  New Year, known as Boun Kin Chieng, promoting the ethnic group’s cultural traditions to locals and visitors alike. Hmong New Year festivities also began yesterday at Pheuksa Garden (Suan Pheuksa) in Danxi village, Naxaithong district, Vientiane. ...  More >>>

- Region tackles stereotypes’ impact on violence against women
Representatives from the five Mekong sub-regional countries of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam are meeting to strengthen their understanding of the impact of gender norms and stereotypes on violence against women.
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- Health officials debate ways to keep dengue at bay
Health authorities say the country faces challenges in warding off dengue fever this year after three people in Vientiane died from the virus this month. A meeting held yesterday on the subject saw participants report on their activities to keep dengue fever at bay and hear a review of the diagnosis and treatment of dengue. The meeting was attended by the Director of the Vientiane Health Department, Dr Phonepaseuth Ounaphom, representatives of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, and health officials from Vientiane’s nine districts. ..  More >>>


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Construction sector eyeing strong growth in 2019
Laos expects to see more than 10 percent growth in the construction sector this year with the government putting in place measures to address business financing and stimulate the economy.... More >>>

Lao singer puts country centre stage at concert in China
Lao singer Kai Overdance took the audience by storm when she performed in China at a regional event titled “Our Region, Our Song” in Quangxi province.
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Army’s medicines a tonic for soldiers and civilians
The Military Traditional Medicine and Medical Institute is an organisation managed by the Ministry of National Defence to produce herbal medicines to serve the military and the general public. The institute is located on Dongpaina Road.. More >>>




DPRK top leader visits China at critical juncture
China (China Daily) -- Top leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un arrived in Beijing on Tuesday amid speculation about a possible second summit between him and the United States President Donald Trump over denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. ..More >>>

France offers diversity of cooperation with Laos The historical ties between France and Laos make the two countries special partners in .... More >>>

What should be done to prevent the harmful use of chemicals?
It seems that many farmers and business operators aren’t fully aware of the harm that can be caused by the chemicals they use. Although chemicals are potentially dangerous to humans and animals, their use on crops is widespread because they speed up growth
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Lao wrestlers set to grapple domestic, int’l tournaments

Lao open and junior level wrestlers are set to compete in national and international tournaments to test their skills in the year ahead.
From February 1-2, the Lao Wrestling Federation plans to hold its first national competition for young competitors across various categories at the Lao National Sports Training Centre in Vientiane.
The competition, which will assist in the development of domestic wrestling, will comprise men’s and women’s team and individual events featuring competitors from the Talented Secondary School, Army, Police and Xieng Khuang province squads.

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Newest address for fine dining in Vientiane
Khao poon cheo khing - noodles served with a ginger sauce – is becoming popular in Vientiane as it is both a tasty dish as well as healthy. This dish is a huge hit, especially at lunch time, with office-goers, families and friends.. ...
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Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information A quick glance into the library and one might not see many  ... More >>>





Attapeu still in need of medicine for flood victimsAlmost four months have passed since that fateful night in July when at least 40 people died and ....  More >>>

Orphaned schoolgirl gets scholarship to pursue her dreams
Ms Tadam Vongphakdy, 18, a promising student from a modest background, has won a scholarship from SCG’s Sharing the Dream Project sponsored by SCG Lao.
Tadam was amongst.. . More >>>

Always believe in yourself, says Lao student awarded Asean scholarship Ms Kounlasatty Manivong was recently awarded a 2018 Asean ... More >>>





Fast, furious, wheel smokin’ Lao driver claims Thai drift title
Whatever your chosen endeavour, it’s not easy to be successful in every contest. Winners know they must work hard for many years to develop their skills to reach their targets and dreams. ... More >>>

Gardener her love for traditional trees species Ms Manivanh Chanthalangsy is a diligent gardener whose love and quest to preserve   ...  More >>>

President Kaysone Phomvihane, a true patriotic hero President Kaysone Phomvihane was beloved by all ethnicities, a great patriot and revolutionist ... More >>>




Oudomxay’s improving infrastructure supporting rural communities’ road to sustainable tourism
Oudomxay province is one of the most beautiful places in Laos. ... More >>>

Bokeo weaver keeps Tai Leu traditions alive
Mrs Buaphat Thammaseng, 56, who lives in Tonpheung district, Bokeo province, loves to preserve the traditional garments worn by the Tai Leu ethnic group, which are symbolic of the province. She herself is a member of this ethnic group, which is one of the largest in the province. ... More >>>