6 February 2019

Chinese railway construction crews work through New Year holiday  

- Health ministry gets 2,800 billion kip to improve services
The government has allocated a budget of over 2,800 billion kip for capacity development and improvement of the health sector in 2019. The funding will assist with fulfilment of the five-year Health Sector Development Plan (2016-2020) and the health-related Millennium Development Goals.
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- Govt, partners review efforts to strengthen agro-climatic information systems
Government officials and development partners met in Vientiane on Tuesday to review the Strengthening Agro-climatic Monitoring and Information Systems (SAMIS) project towards improving adaptation to climate change and food security in Laos.
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- Civil servants surplus to requirements: survey 
The number of civil servants employed in many state departments is far in excess of requirements, resulting in a heavy burden on the state in terms of expenditure on salaries, supporting allowances and related costs, a survey has found. Many departments and divisions were found to have recruited too many
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- Chinese railway construction crews work through New Year holiday
A large number of Chinese workers gave up their New Year holiday plans this week to ensure construction of the Laos-China railway stays on track, according to Xinhua News Agency.“Most of the Chinese workers and engineers have to go without a holiday and ... More >>>

- Luang Namtha improves services for visitors on Chinese border
Luang Namtha provincial authorities have improved facilities and services at international border crossings to make entry into Laos as easy as possible for foreign visitors. Head of the Luang Namtha provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Mr Sivilay Pankeo, told Vientiane Times yesterday that ... More >>>

- Committee evaluates assistance provided to Sanamxay flood victims 
The National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee and officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and other ministries met in Attapeu province on Monday to evaluate the assistance being provided to flood victims in Sanamxay district. Participants reported on the progress of their activities to . More >>>

Authorities still in the dark over Attapeu sinkhole
Sanxay district authorities still have no idea what caused a hole to materialise on an area of flat land about 5 or 6 kilometres from Nong Fa Lake in Attapeu province, with a dramatic picture circulating on social media. “We sent officials to investigate but we have no idea what caused the sudden subsidence,” Sanxay district ..  More >>>

- Revamped website to boost access to trade information
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has launched a revamped website hoping that it will enable policy makers, researchers and business operators to access the latest trade policies and updates on industry practices.  A ceremony to launch the website that has the domain name www.laoftpd.com was held at the ministry yesterday. ..  More >>>


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Newest address for fine dining in Vientiane
Khao poon cheo khing - noodles served with a ginger sauce – is becoming popular in Vientiane as it is both a tasty dish as well as healthy. This dish is a huge hit, especially at lunch time, with office-goers, families and friends.. ...
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Oudomxay’s improving infrastructure supporting rural communities’ road to sustainable tourism
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