May 12, 2018

Chinese medics carry out eyesight tests in Lao schools

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- Laos calls for Asean media to preserve cultural values
Laos has called for Asean member countries to partner in preserving the region’s fine traditions and cultural values through responsible reporting amid a surge in fake news that is undermining this effort.
The Lao government delegation made the comment on Thursday at the 14th Conference of Asean Ministers Responsible for Information (AMRI) held in Singapore.... More >>>

- Asean writers gather to kindle love of region’s literature
Delegates from Asean countries are meeting in Vientiane to share their experiences of writing and publishing literature, and also enjoy a book exhibition.
The Asean Writers’ Symposium and Literature Book Exhibition is taking place at the National University of Laos (NUOL) from May 8-12. More >>>

- Govt, development partners discuss green growth strategy
The government is accelerating efforts to improve the draft of a national green growth strategy to make it more comprehensive,  and hopes it will be adopted by the middle of this year.
The National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) recently organised a high-level dialogue on the National Green Growth Strategy, with the participation of more than 50 representatives from government agencies and development partners.
. More >>>

- Chinese medics carry out eyesight tests in Lao schools
Chinese doctors are visiting Laos to test the eyesight of children at Vientiane Secondary School, Savannakhet Secondary School and Sounanhtha Primary School in Savannakhet province. The free healthcare programme is being carried out by doctors from China’s AIER Eye Hospital Group....More >>>

- Reality on Unsettled Border Areas between Laos and Cambodia
Vientiane Times is publishing the contents of a book about the Laos-Cambodia borderline situation. The book is being published section by section in issues running from April 10 to April 13...More >>>

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- Officials get clued-up on govt documents
Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism officials from across the nation are attending a workshop in Vientiane to upgrade their understanding of the importance of drafting official documents in boosting government efficiency. The two-day workshop which kicked off yesterday is being held at the National Culture Hall in the capital...More >>>

- Departing Japanese teachers reflect on their experiences in Laos
Two volunteers from the Japan Foundation Asia Centre have shared their opinions and experiences after teaching Japanese at three secondary schools in Vientiane from August 2017 until this month.  Ms Ami Goto taught Japanese at Vientiane Secondary School while Ms Miki Ohtsu taught at Nongbone and Phiavat secondary schools...More >>>

- Medics mull compliance with code of ethics
Researchers plan to comply more closely with the medical code of ethics, to improve health services and ensure study results are effectively applied and circulated.
Members of the health profession on Wednesday came together for a training session to learn about the application of the code of ethics to medical research... More >>>

- Unicharm seeking local Sofy brand ambassador
Young ladies from across the country are being invited to apply for Sofy Girl 2018 with the chance to be chosen as the brand’s first ambassador in Laos. Sofy is a Japanese sanitary napkin brand manufactured by Intage Inc. Unicharm Thailand put out the call on Wednesday to fresh-faced Lao girls aged 15-20 with a height over 155cm that are not contracted to modelling agencies. ..More >>>


Breastfeeding benefits both mothers and babies
Sitting on a bamboo bed underneath her house, Ms Hom Sivilay, 26, happily explains the benefits of breastfeeding and how it has helped her two children grow up to be strong and healthy.    . .. More >>>


Forest provides village girls with second home and jobs
Girls who live in rural or remote areas commonly drop out of school because their parents believe it’s better that they stay at home to help with the housework and take care of their children after they get married. .. More >>>


Korean scholarship awardee shares her path to success
Things don’t happen by chance or luck. Success is achieved through diligence and constant effort. Ms Metkham Akhalath, 24, is an example of how success can be achieved through diligence. She won a master’s degree scholarship in Political Science and Diplomacy in South Korea from 2016-2019... .. . . . . More >>>


Singer Phetdavone’s star shines bright in Laos
After winning a recent television singing contest in Thailand, Ms Phetdavone Khammanivong has changed dramatically and has received many offers in Laos to showcase her skills and talents... More >>>


Thirteen elephants knocking on heaven’s door
Thirteen elephants handed over to Elephant Conservation Centre by Lao government.

. . More >>>


Wall exhibit breaks down barriers to Vientiane’s past
While Laos’ convoluted history is often just studied in textbooks, today’s generation can now sample a part of it from the 16th century for themselves – the Vientiane city wall.


Pioneer breaks the mould of football managers
How many women would dare to manage a men’s football team and have the strength, tenacity and determination to turn around a struggling squad?. . More >>>


Thousands enjoy Xayaboury’s rocket festival and Visit Laos Year celebrations
Thousands of people, including tourists, had a wonderful time at the annual rocket festival held recently in Thongmixay district in Xayaboury province in northwestern Laos. . ... .
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Davita Boutique Hotel, the hot new place in Luang Prabang
If you’re visiting Luang Prabang and looking for a three-star hotel with reasonable rates and great service, the Davita Boutique Hotel may be just the right choice for you. ... More >>>


More funding needed for SME development 
More than 569 billion kip will be needed to achieve the different objectives defined in the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Development Plan for 2016-2020. .. More >>>


Alexandra to headline concert promoting Visit Laos Year
Lao pop singer Alexandra Bounxouei is encouraging people and fans to attend the mini concert that she and Sam Intharaphithack will perform at during a promotional activity for Visit Laos Year 2018....More >>>


News should inspire readers
When news is reported, readers should be attracted to the story and immediately want to read it. While news reports in Laos today are quite good, they are often not sufficiently accurate and are lacking in detail.
..More >>>

World news

UN urges restraint to avoid Mideast flare up
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel’s UN ambassador is calling on the UN Security Council and the secretary-general to immediately condemn Iran’s missile attack and demand that Tehran remove its military presence from Syria...More >>>


Laos-Vietnam special solidarity becomes priceless legacy
Laos-Vietnams relations have been marked by an unalloyed solidarity that is rare around the globe. The rare relationship has become a priceless legacy of the two nations.
. .More >>>


What’s your opinion of the nursing profession in Laos?
Today is International Nurses’ Day. Nurses are often the first point of contact when people fall ill. They are experts, educators, counsellors and a resource for...More >>>


Laos’ World Muay Federation president predicts bright future
The new World Muay Federation (WMF) President from Laos, Mr Saysamone Sayasone, is forecasting big things for muay around the globe after being elected by the martial arts governing body last Sunday.... More >>>

Dining Out

Cooking sticky rice to perfection
Sticky rice is a very simple name for the staple grain of Laos and the nation’s most popular food item. It has been an essential part of Lao life from generation to generation and no meal is eaten without it.. . . More >>>


Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information
A quick glance into the library and one might not see many people there. But nowadays that’s not such a strange sight because fewer people enjoy reading books at the library. ... .
More >>>

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