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May 17, 2017

Police step up road safety campaign in Vientiane

Top stories

1. Vehicle owners to pay higher road tax in August
The Ministry of Finance will start to issue 2017 road tax stickers in August, but vehicle owners will be paying more this year. .. More >>>

2. Laos-China railway construction ‘progressing well’
Construction of the Laos-China railway is gathering steam with many tunnels being bored despite rainfall, officials said yesterday. . More >>>

3. Ministry warns against ransomware computer virus
The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication is warning internet users to protect themselves against the WannaCryransomware virus, which has already spread to many countries around the globe.. More >>>

4. Weathermen issue thunderstorm warning
From May to October, about 22 tropical storms including 16 of typhoon strength are expected to occur in the Pacific Northwest region, while a few storms may move across regions of Laos, the Meteorology and Hydrology Department says. . More >>>

5.One more year may be needed to complete civil code
One more year may be needed for the further development of Laos’ civil code while the drafting sub-committee must make a concerted effort to reach their target.. More >>>

6. Private investment needed to drive growth: economists
Economists have cautioned that cutting spending could impact Laos’ economic growth, so the government needs to further create favourable conditions to strengthen the private sector. More >>>



Home news

- Asean officials mull ways to boost agricultural output
Asean agriculture officials are being encouraged to work together to seek new solutions for more sustainable agricultural development.. More >>>
- Survey: most tourists come to Laos by land
More than 70 percent of over 4.2 million tourist arrivals in Laos come by land, with those in the 20-29 age group making up 28 percent, according to a survey featured in the 2016 statistics tourism report.. More >>>
- Police step up road safety campaign in Vientiane
The Vientiane Traffic Police Department is preparing to deliver road safety awareness courses to communities in the capital, aiming to increase understanding of the traffic regulations and reduce the number of accidents.. More >>>


Manmade waterfall on course to be Vientiane province’s newest attraction
As a simply beautiful land-locked country, Laos has now become a world recognised tourist destination, and now Vientiane’s outskirts will soon have another new destination for weekend getaways.. More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Chicken farm helps rural family rise above poverty
Every family has different ways of earning a living and bettering their lot in life. Mrs Kongthong Vongphaylot in Xayaboury province chose to rear laying hens and sell their eggs to earn money. . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Lao media team highlights culture at regional workshop
The Lao youth team was strongly represented through its cultural performance of Lao traditional dance at the 2nd Asean Youth Workshop on Media Literacy held in Bangkok last week. . . More >>>


Perseverance brings academic success
Most people have a special talent of some kind, whether in the field of international cooperation or maybe law, but may not have the chance to develop their talents, while others climb the ladder through further education.. .More >>>


Biodiversity - What it is and why we need it
Human beings depend on biologically diverse and healthy ecosystems for their survival. But what is biodiversity? The term biodiversity is a contraction of the two words . . . More >>>


Ministry: Laos eyes 4.89 million tourist arrivals this year
Tourist arrivals in Laos this year are projected to hit 4.89 million people, rising from 4.23 million tourists last year, according to the Tourism Development Department of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.More >>>


Lao Young Designer Project announces finalists
The Lao Young Designers Project’s Board of Directors met on Monday at Vientiane fashion boutique, Ministry of Silk, to select the finalists for this year’s design contest.More >>>


Americans make aroma of coffee in north of Laos
Two Americans who are passionate about quality coffee are promoting plantations of the crop in partnership with farmers in Huaphan province, the former revolutionary stronghold.  ..More >>>

World news

China signs cooperation agreements with 68 nations, int’l bodies
China: So far, 68 countries and international organisations have signed multilateral agreements with China on cooperation in building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.More >>>


How can we use online systems responsibly?
World and Information Society Day falls today (May 17). Telecommunications is very important and has helped to spur socio-economic development. On this occasion Vientiane Times asked members of the public for their thoughts on the most appropriate use of online systems and social media.. . More >>>


UXO awareness raising campaign kicking goals in XiengKhuang
Football is playing a major role in spreading vital information about unexploded ordnance (UXO) to students at schools in XiengKhuang province.More >>>


Make ‘End Malaria for Good' a shared reality
Malaria still continues to harm or end many lives in Laos and elsewhere each year even though the disease is preventable. . .. .


A war that ended 40 years ago, kills my child today
“That day at my mother’s house at 12 noon, we had a baci where our relatives gathered. My children and some others were playing outside the house when suddenly there was an explosion – it was a bombie and my daughter…” At this point Mr Chong Ber Lee was overwhelmed with emotion and was unable to continue. His feelings were too painful to suppress as he relived the thought that he had lost his 9-year-old daughter forever.
. More >>>












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