May 16, 2018

More Asean women on the move in search of work

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- Culture, Vientiane are top draws for tourists: survey
Places of scenic and cultural interest are the top draws for people visiting Laos, while the capital Vientiane tops the list of places visited by foreign tourists, according a 2017 statistics report.
The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism carried out a survey among 2,591 international visitors from April to December 2017 at Wattay International Airport, the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge, and in Luang Prabang and Champassak provinces..... More >>>

- Laos, China seeking greater tourism cooperation
Laos and China have vowed to increase cooperation to promote tourism between the two countries with the aim of attracting more visitors.
That was the message at the Laos-China Tourism Forum in Vientiane yesterday where participants shared their experiences in the promotion of bilateral tourism.... More >>>

- First Asean-China media forum bolsters regional ties
A historic media conference took place this month when the first Asean-China Media Forum was staged in Wuxi, China, with the aim of further strengthening cooperation between the two influential regions.
The forum, which ended on Saturday, took the theme “Innovate Media Cooperation for a Shared Future”, aiming to enhance the exchange of information among media outlets in Asean and China.... More >>>

- Laos, China move forward with cooperation projects
The governments of Laos and China are set to approve cooperation projects to be financed with Chinese assistance, the Lao Prime Minister’s Office has announced. The announcement was made after Chinese Deputy Minister of Commerce Ms Gao Yan called on Deputy Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone on May 12 during her working visit to Laos.
A three-year grant of 4 billion yuan (5,011 billion kip) to finance various projects was pledged during a state visit to Laos by Chinese President Xi Jinping in November last year.
Ms Gao was in Laos to attend the ninth meeting of the Laos-China Joint Committee on Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation....More >>>

- Police recapture three out of 11 prison escapees
Vientiane police have rearrested three men who were awaiting trial after 10 accused men and one prisoner recently broke out of a detention centre in Dongsavath village,Sisattanak district. The men escaped at about 7pm last Friday with the case attracting a huge following on social media after a video clip showed the men breaking out of the detention centre in their underwear. Some of those who made a break for freedom told police they started smashing a hole in the wall of a toilet on Wednesday and were able to squeeze their way out on Friday night....More >>>

- Reality on Unsettled Border Areas between Laos and Cambodia
Vientiane Times is publishing the contents of a book about the Laos-Cambodia borderline situation. The book is being published section by section in issues running from April 10 to April 13...More >>>

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-Laos, China push for closer ties in culture, tourism
Laos and China will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for closer tourism cooperation after China recently brought tourism under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture.
The plan featured in talks between Laos’ Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara, and China’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr Du Jiang, who visited the Lao minister yesterday....More >>>

- Aussie, Kiwi Lao expats pledge to maintain national image
People of Lao descent living overseas have vowed to maintain the good image of their country of origin as they have been doing while residing abroad for many years.
Representatives of Lao people living in Australia and New Zealand made the affirmation yesterday when visiting the President of the Lao Front for National Development, Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane.....More >>>

- More Asean women on the move in search of work
The number of women migrating for work in Asean, including those from Laos, has increased steadily over recent decades and remains an issue in the region, according to a recent study by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
Whereas about 47 percent of Lao migrants going to Thailand were women in 2010-2011, this increased to 54 percent in 2016 with the percentage likely to be higher when accounting for women not included in the statistics. .. More >>>

- Khammuan gives green light for river tourism project
Khammuan province has authorised a Lao company to carry out a feasibility study of the development of tourism facilities at Tha Falang on the Nam Don river in Thakhaek district.
The site under consideration is about 10 kilometres from the district centre.
The planned development would see the construction of 20 bungalows near the riverbank and 30 further inland as well as the provision of 100 kayaks for rental by tourists. The kayaks would be paddled over a 5km section of the river. Fifty speed boats would also be provided, as well as restaurants, a market, and other facilities. . ..More >>>


Breastfeeding benefits both mothers and babies
Sitting on a bamboo bed underneath her house, Ms Hom Sivilay, 26, happily explains the benefits of breastfeeding and how it has helped her two children grow up to be strong and healthy.    . .. More >>>


Forest provides village girls with second home and jobs
Girls who live in rural or remote areas commonly drop out of school because their parents believe it’s better that they stay at home to help with the housework and take care of their children after they get married. .. More >>>


Korean scholarship awardee shares her path to success
Things don’t happen by chance or luck. Success is achieved through diligence and constant effort. Ms Metkham Akhalath, 24, is an example of how success can be achieved through diligence. She won a master’s degree scholarship in Political Science and Diplomacy in South Korea from 2016-2019... .. . . . . More >>>


Singer Phetdavone’s star shines bright in Laos
After winning a recent television singing contest in Thailand, Ms Phetdavone Khammanivong has changed dramatically and has received many offers in Laos to showcase her skills and talents... More >>>


Thirteen elephants knocking on heaven’s door
Thirteen elephants handed over to Elephant Conservation Centre by Lao government.

. . More >>>


Wall exhibit breaks down barriers to Vientiane’s past
While Laos’ convoluted history is often just studied in textbooks, today’s generation can now sample a part of it from the 16th century for themselves – the Vientiane city wall.


Pioneer breaks the mould of football managers
How many women would dare to manage a men’s football team and have the strength, tenacity and determination to turn around a struggling squad?. . More >>>


Thousands enjoy Xayaboury’s rocket festival and Visit Laos Year celebrations
Thousands of people, including tourists, had a wonderful time at the annual rocket festival held recently in Thongmixay district in Xayaboury province in northwestern Laos. . ... .
More >>>





Luang Prabang, Bien Dien Phu attract French tourists
More French tourists are visiting the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang since the upgrade of roads linking provinces in Laos to Dien Bien province in Vietnam.... More >>>


Value of coffee exports drops 8.7 percent in Q1
The value of coffee exported by Laos in the first quarter of 2018 dropped by 8.7 percent compared to the same period last year, despite the fact that the sale price typically falls in the main export season... More >>>


Innovative fashion collection to promote Visit Laos Year
Lao Fashion Week is proud to announce its Visit Laos Year 2018 collection and innovative collaboration project between the Lao Young Designer Project and Tourism Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth project under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism)...More >>>


Eat fish, sweat less, and reduce body odour
Many people find that eating fish rather than meat when it’s extremely hot makes them feel more comfortable and allows them to sleep better at night, because it is lighter and lower in fat...More >>>

World news

US embassy move to Jerusalem to cause more chaos in Mideast
RAMALLAH (Xinhua) -- The controversial transfer of the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will lead to more chaos and instability in the Middle East, Palestinian analysts say. .More >>>


Laos-Vietnam special solidarity becomes priceless legacy
Laos-Vietnams relations have been marked by an unalloyed solidarity that is rare around the globe. The rare relationship has become a priceless legacy of the two nations.
. .More >>>


How can we be more discerning in our use of information technology?
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is observed on May 17. These days, people the world over have access to many forms of telecommunications and information services, particularly social media...More >>>


Govt honours SEA Games’ medallists with Labour Orders
The government on Monday presented 2nd and 3rd class Labour Orders, Labour Medals and certificates as further honours for medal-winning athletes and coaches at the 29th SEA Games in Malaysia last August. ... More >>>

Dining Out

Cooking sticky rice to perfection
Sticky rice is a very simple name for the staple grain of Laos and the nation’s most popular food item. It has been an essential part of Lao life from generation to generation and no meal is eaten without it.. . . More >>>


Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information
A quick glance into the library and one might not see many people there. But nowadays that’s not such a strange sight because fewer people enjoy reading books at the library. ... .
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