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May 19, 2017

Six family members murdered in Borikhamxay

Top stories

1. Laos, China ink deals to deepen cooperation
Laos and China signed nine cooperation agreements in Beijing this week after a meeting between the two countries’ top leaders.
President BounnhangVorachit and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping held a bilateral meeting in Beijing on Tuesday, a day after the first ever Leaders Roundtable of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. President Bounnhang led the Lao delegation attending the forum.. More >>>

2. NA session ends, calling for govt to pursue targets
The National Assembly (NA)’s Eighth Legislature ended its third ordinary session yesterday, calling for the government to work harder in the pursuit of development targets. . More >>>

3.. Laos, France review progress in cooperation 
The French government is continuing to provide support and assistance to many sectors in Laos with the goal of ensuring the nation graduates from Least Developed Country status in 2020.. More >>>

4. NA approves measures on price controls
The National Assembly has approved measures proposed by the government on the management of goods prices and service fees while also recommending that the related Prime Ministerial Decree be upgraded to a law.. More >>>

5. Seven tonnes of rice provided for flood victims in Kasy
The government recently authorised the provision of sevebtonnes of rice in flood disaster assistance to people in Vientiane province who were impacted by flash flooding after heavy rains in 2016. . More >>>

Home news

- Japanese company donates GPS tracking system to rescue team
A Japanese company along with other partners recently handed over a GPS vehicle management tracking system to be installed in a local rescue team’s ambulances to follow their operations.. More >>>
-. Six family members murdered in Borikhamxay
A man stands accused of murdering six family members after their bodies including two young children were found on May 16 in a rubber plantation near Phameuang village in Borikhan district, Borikhamxay province.. More >>>
-. Capacity building the key to tackling organised crime 
Prosecutors have stressed the need for law enforcement officials to broaden their knowledge and capacity as well as learn more about international best practice in responding to all forms of organised crime.. More >>>


Manmade waterfall on course to be Vientiane province’s newest attraction
As a simply beautiful land-locked country, Laos has now become a world recognised tourist destination, and now Vientiane’s outskirts will soon have another new destination for weekend getaways.. More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Chicken farm helps rural family rise above poverty
Every family has different ways of earning a living and bettering their lot in life. Mrs Kongthong Vongphaylot in Xayaboury province chose to rear laying hens and sell their eggs to earn money. . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Lao media team highlights culture at regional workshop
The Lao youth team was strongly represented through its cultural performance of Lao traditional dance at the 2nd Asean Youth Workshop on Media Literacy held in Bangkok last week. . . More >>>


Perseverance brings academic success
Most people have a special talent of some kind, whether in the field of international cooperation or maybe law, but may not have the chance to develop their talents, while others climb the ladder through further education.. .More >>>


Ecosystem Services
It is August, the wettest month during the rainy season in Laos. The sky darkens and heavy rain showers hit the Annamite region in Central Lao. Animals and humans seek for shelter and hold out until the rainfall is over. . . More >>>



Laos, South Africa trade volume remains limited  
The value of Lao products exported to South Africa over the past four years continued to be low at just over US$653,000, while imports over the same period were valued at a little over US$7.68 million.More >>>


Singers all set to perform at Lao Festival in Tokyo
Residents of Tokyo are eagerly anticipating the Lao Festival later this month, when they can meet and greet the Lao entertainers who will perform at a concert as part of the festival..More >>>


History of Laos-Vietnam special solidarity
This story marks Laos-Vietnam Solidarity and Friendship Year 2017 and celebrates the 55th anniversary of the countries’ diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Laos-Vietnam Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation. ..More >>>

World news

Monsoon enters southern part
Myanmar (Eleven) -- The monsoon has hit southern Myanmar and many regions, including Yangon, can expect heavy rain, according to the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology.
.More >>>


What’s your assessment of the current UXO situation in Laos? 
Following former US President Obama’s historic visit to Laos in September 2016 and his commitment of US$90 million for the UXO sector from 2016-2018, members of the US agency Legacies of War visited Laos this month to see the impact of the wartime bombing and plan to ask their government for more assistance. .. More >>>


U15 Coach:  Valuable lesson learnt from regional football
Even though Laos failed to get past the Asean Football Federation (AFF) U15 Girls’ Championship group stage in Vientiane from  May 8-20 their coach admitted the team were all the better for the experience..More >>>


Make ‘End Malaria for Good' a shared reality
Malaria still continues to harm or end many lives in Laos and elsewhere each year even though the disease is preventable. . .. .


Australian transport minister shines spotlight on road safety
“Standing here in the magnificent Sydney Opera House, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind me, it gives me great pleasure to take part in launching the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week, on behalf of the World Health Organisation’s Western Pacific Region. . More >>>












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