16 June 2021

Level of rivers set to rise but not above danger mark ## Flood victims in need of assistance


- Emergency relief expedited to help flood victims
Xayaboury provincial authorities are speeding up delivery of emergency relief to help thousands of people affected by flooding following heavy rain on June 13-14. Tropical storm Koguma lashed central and northern provinces over the weekend, inundating villages and houses and leaving many people temporarily homeless.
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- Round 2 of vaccination rollout gets under way
Health authorities are rolling out round 2 of the vaccination programme, aiming to immunise hundreds of thousands of people against Covid-19. Inoculations of first doses of 100,620 doses of Pfizer vaccine and 500,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine began on Tuesday (June 15). . ...More >>>

- Covid vaccination certificates to be written in English for travellers
The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has assigned the Mother and Child Health Centre to produce Covid-19 vaccination certificates written in English for people wishing to travel.
Head of the Vaccine Preventable Disease Division under the Ministry of Health, Dr Kongxay Phounphenghack, .......More >>>

- Borikhamxay police seize over 155,000 amphetamine pills
Police have arrested a group of suspected drug traffickers in Borikhamxay province after finding over 155,000 amphetamine pills in their possession. The officer in charge of drug control and supervision at the Public Security Office in Borikhamxay province said police received a tip off from local residents that drug dealing was taking place in Pakkading district, so police planned a raid.
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Counter: 07 January 2021

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- Flood victims in need of assistance
The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has instructed local authorities to compile information about the number of villages and districts that have been affected by flooding after recent heavy rain.
An official from the National Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control told Vientiane Times about disaster preparedness and response planning, saying that a fund exists to help people affected by natural disasters.
However, assistance provided by authorities from central level to local people is slow to arrive because of a limited budget and poor coordination among the organisations involved. This means the communities they serve are provided with insufficient aid.. . ..More >>>

- EP Fund considers awards for environment protection
The Environment Protection Fund is considering approving financial assistance to projects which have applied for funding to increase the benefits of protecting the environment, natural resources and adjusting to climate change within the country’s areas. The funding consideration meeting was recently attended by Director General of the Department of Planning and Finance, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr Phouvong Luangxaysana.
The finances will be measured to project on the strengthening and development of natural resource statistics of the Institute for Natural Resources and Environment’s Research and Statistics, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment......More >>>

- Level of rivers set to rise but not above danger mark
Authorities are keeping a close eye on the Mekong River and its tributaries as the water levels are expected to rise over the next few days. Heavy and light rain have been forecast for some parts of the country, and this is expected to result in a rise in the level of the Mekong and its main tributaries.
The Meteorology and Hydrology Department issued the forecast for the weather and the level of the main rivers on Tuesday.
The Mekong River at KM4 in Vientiane is forecast to rise to nearly five metres on June 17, which is well under the warning level of 11.50 metres and the danger level of 12.50 metres.. ...More >>>

- Road accident toll drops in May
The number of road accidents and fatalities decreased in May compared to April, as the Covid-19 lockdown meant than fewer people than usual were on the roads. According to the latest report from the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security there were 269 road accidents in May, a sharp from the 529 recorded in April. The value of damage to property was estimated at over 3 billion kip. In May, 43 people were killed in road accidents, 421 people were injured, and 460 vehicles were damaged. In April, 798 accidents were recorded nationwide, in which 1,309 people were injured, 1,510 vehicles were damaged and 112 people died. The value of damage caused was estimated at over 11 billion kip....More >>>






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