11 May 2021

Govt adopts TrueConf to boost online security ## Covid taskforce advises caution, announces 25 new cases


- China sends new aid package to support Covid-19 battle
A new aid package amounting to 15.5 billion kip (10 million Chinese yuan) provided by the Chinese government arrived in Vientiane on Monday to bolster efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak.
Laos is struggling to contain the outbreak, which began in the middle of April, sparked by two ... ....More >>>

- Bokeo reports second highest number of Covid-19 cases
Bokeo province has recorded the second highest number of Covid-19 infections, which officials say is because many people have ignored the lockdown rules, resulting in the spread of the virus.
Provincial authorities are trying to enforce the lockdown by temporarily closing roads and blocking entry and exit points in districts, especially in Tonpheung district. Travel between villages is also banned... ....More >>>

- Govt adopts TrueConf to boost online security
The Ministry of Technology and Communications has set up the TrueConf online meeting platform for use in virtual conferences between state bodies, which are increasingly the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic. The server is located at the Lao National Internet Centre and the use of TrueConf for online meetings will ensure that the content of discussions is secure. .....More >>>

- Covid taskforce advises caution, announces 25 new cases
The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control is advising people not to become complacent and to fully comply with government guidelines to stop the spread of the virus, after 237 people were discharged from hospital.....More >>>

Counter: 07 January 2021

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- Vaccination charge is ‘FAKE NEWS’, authorities say
Authorities have dismissed allegations which accused officials in Champassak province of charging people for Covid-19 vaccinations, saying this is ‘FAKE NEWS’ and groundless. A Facebook account with the Lao name ‘ເພັດນ້ອຍ ໜໍ່ພູໄທ’ posted messages and a picture that it was claimed came from members of the public and alleged that officials in some districts had been charging for vaccinations. . .....More >>>

- Virus outbreak may impact school exam schedule
The COVID-19 outbreak is likely to impact the school examination schedule across the country this year. However, the Ministry of Education and Sports is encouraging that preparations for exams are started. . ......More >>>

- Farmer family receives five million donation from wild elephant attack
A farmer family attacked by wild elephants while sleeping in garden huts recently was given a donation of five million kip from Pakkading district officials in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of Borikhamxay province. Two members of Mr Yeug veu’s family were killed and three injured from the wild elephant attack which occured late night on April 30 while they slept in a cassava garden’s huts.....More >>>

- Fire destroys popular Vientiane nightclub
A fire that broke out at a popular nightclub in Hongkaikeo village in Chanthaboury district on Friday resulted in damage estimated at 19 billion kip. No one was injured or killed in the incident because the nightclub was closed as a result of the lockdown. Director of the Vientiane Fire Prevention and Protection Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel Khamphet Dalavong, said the fire started at around 21.30pm on May 7 and firefighters were called to the scene........More >>>






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