27 May 2022

Traffic slow at main Vientiane-Thailand border crossing
- Laos looks to unlock potential of regional connectiveity
Laos is hoping to unlock the potential of regional connectivity by not only focusing on infrastructure development but also boosting economic activity along key economic corridors. The government is developing key road and rail networks to connect Laos with its neighbours, particularly China, Vietnam and Thailand, transforming itself from a land-locked to a land-linked country. In its latest economic update for Laos, the World Bank highlighted some of the main challenges and key reforms needed for Laos to fully benefit from improved connectivity and transit services. “Significant investments include the Laos-China railway, the East-West economic corridor, and key road networks,” stated the World Bank. ...More >>>

- Lao workers head for jobs in S. Korea
There is an exciting opportunity for people seeking work abroad to get jobs in the Republic of Korea. Jobs can be obtained by applying to the Buasavanh Employment Service Company and then taking a skills test and a short course in the Korean language. Many job seekers in Laos struggle to find work because they are unskilled and are unable to make progress. In general, skill levels are low and most young people are poorly educated. On Monday, Deputy Director General of the Department of Employment of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Mrs Vanny Keosayavong, opened a training course to prepare new applicants for seasonal work in Korea. ....More >>>

- Traffic slow at main Vientiane-Thailand border crossing
Few people have crossed the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge linking Vientiane to Nong Khai province in Thailand since the government reopened all international border crossings on May 9. Even though the bridge is the main land crossing between Laos and Thailand, as of May 25 only 13,802 people had entered Laos, 16,419 people had crossed the bridge from Laos into Thailand, and 1,299 vehicles had crossed, according to the Vientiane Mai newspaper.
In addition, only a small number of people have visited the areas designated as tourist travel zones by the government, while not many Lao nationals have returned to work in Thailand. ...More >>>
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- Over 1 million meals given to Lao nationals returning from Thailand
The Ministry of Health, the World Food Programme and World Vision have agreed to end the support provided to quarantine centres in Savannakhet and   ....More >>>

Huaphan police net 40kg of drugs in vehicle chase
Police in Huaphan province last weekend seized over 40kg of crystal meth and one kilogram of amphetamine when they apprehended and searched a pickup truck. ...More >>>

- UNFPA partners with Crowne Plaza in job skill training for young women
Laos will continue to work with regional and development partners to provide vocational skills and promote women’s economic empowerment. ...More >>>

- NRA, COPE join forces to support UXO victims
A project to provide mobile rehabilitation services for UXO accident survivors and people with disabilities in Xieng Khuang and Huaphan provinces has been launched. ...More >>>

- Rural children to have spoken Lao curriculum 
Non-Lao speaking children in remote areas will now be able to use a spoken Lao curriculum with support from the Australian government. ...More >>>

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Special economic zone authority to issue certificates of origin
The government plans to promote and facilitate investments in ..More >>>

Slurp Latte Art Smackdown competition promotes coffee art
Mr Thevin Vongsaphai from Coffeefix Representative was declared the ...More >>>

30 km/hour speed limits save lives
The sixth UN Global Road Safety Week addresses the risk of deaths from road traffic accidents, which is fundamental to ..More >>>

Turkey says Finland, Sweden’s NATO bids not to progress unless Ankara’s concerns addressed
NKARA (Xinhua) -- Turkey has set out conditions for the Swedish and .... More >>>

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How can we persuade more people to stop smoking?
About 7,000 people die annually in Laos, equal to 19 people a day, from smoking-related illnesses, including non-smokers who  ..More >>>

Coach Weiss to lead Laos U-20 team at Asian Cup Uzbekistan qualifiers 
Head coach of the Lao U-20 football team, Mr Michael Weiss, will start ..More >>>

Tad Fane, a waterfall in paradise
Pakxong district in Champassak province lies on the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos and is renowned for its coffee plantations. .....More >>>



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