20 June 2022

Lao, Thai, Chinese firms ink deal on rail freight
- Migrant workers expect to send US$4.55 million a month to Laos
Lao nationals working in other countries are expected to send remittances worth about US$4.55 million to Laos, which are an important source of foreign exchange. ..More >>>

Reduced teacher quota is curbing growth of education
The reduced quota of teachers allocated to schools by the government, which has fallen by 2,000 compared to the 2020-21 academic year, is one of the reasons for the slow growth of the education sector. ...More >>>

- Laos earns US$870 million from agricultural exports
Laos earned more than US$870 million from the export of agricultural produce over the past six months of this year, equalling 72.57 percent of the target for the whole of 2022, a senior government official has said. The main farm products exported were bananas, rubber, cassava, sugarcane, cattle and buffaloes,. ....More >>>

- Japanese ambassador to Laos visits Savannakhet Special Economic Zone C – Savan Park, Savannakhet Dry Port
A Savannakhet Special Economic Zone C – Savan Park, Savannakhet Dry Port site visit by the Japanese Ambassador to Laos and his delegation brought hope of more investment and business development amid the kip currency inflation and skyrocketing cost of fuel.....More >>>

- Vientiane Logistics Park on track to make Laos ‘a regional logistics centre’, developer tells lawmakers
The Vientiane Logistics Park (VLP) has increasingly recorded busy services, putting Laos on track to become an important regional logistics centre, thanks to its cost-effective services, the developer told members of the National Assembly.....More >>>

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- Public debt ‘still manageable’, govt assures National Assembly
Public debt is ‘still manageable’ even though the amount of debt accumulated is considerable, the government has assured National Assembly (NA) members. .More >>>

- Minister vows to revitalise tourism 

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism plans to diversify tourism-related activities and products while making use of local culture and agricultural potential to promote Laos as a desirable tourist destination. ....More >>>

Russian diplomat briefs media on Ukraine situation
The Embassy of the Russian Federation held another in a series of press briefing in Vientiane on Friday to update the media on the latest developments in the Ukraine crisis.  ...More >>>

- Govt, ILO bolster efforts towards decent work for all
A new Decent Work Country Programme will guide cooperation between Laos and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for the next five years, after being signed in Vientiane on Thursday. ..More >>>

- Medics Day inspires physicians to work responsibly and ethically
Medical staff are motivated to improve their skills so they can become nationally accepted and leaders in their profession, Minister of Health, Dr Bounfeng Phoummalaysith, said on Saturday in a message to mark Lao Medics Day, which observed annually on June 18. ..More >>>

- Freight shipments begin at Kasy railway station
Kasy station, located in Vientiane province on the Laos-China Railway, has begun shipping freight, with the service coming into operation on June 13...More >>>

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Laos to sell power to Singapore
Laos will soon begin selling electricity to Singapore under the Lao PDR-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project (LTMS-PIP). ..More >>>

National Circus to organise shows to celebrate 56th anniversary
  The National Circus will organise acrobatic performances this week to celebrate the ....More >>>

Railway and logistics challenges in Laos
The newly opened Laos-China railway has been able to reduce the cost of transport of both passengers and freight from Vientiane, the capital ..More >>>

Russia to temporarily suspend gas supply via Turkish Stream pipeline
MOSCOW (Xinhua) -- Russian gas giant Gazprom announced Saturday that it will stop ... More >>>

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What are your views on the proposed minimum wage increase?
The authorities will raise the amonthly minimum wage, which currently stands at 1,100,000 kip, ...More >>>

Lao wrestling federation to train rising stars for 2023 SEA Games
The Lao Wrestling Federation will initiate a rigorous training regime ..More >>>

Tad Fane, a waterfall in paradise
Pakxong district in Champassak province lies on the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos and is renowned for its coffee plantations. .....More >>>





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