12 November 2021

PM orders vaccinations for 12-17 age group    

Counter: 07 January 2021
- First building of new Mahosot Hospital handed over to Laos
Construction of the first wing of the new Mahosot Hospital in Vientiane has been completed and was officially handed over to Laos by China on Thursday.
When the new hospital is fully operational it will be the largest in Laos, boasting state-of-the-art equipment and quality healthcare.
The second wing is expected to be complete within the next year, while the first building will open to patients next month. ...More >>>

- Vangvieng, Oudomxay prepare for return of tourists
Authorities in the tourist hotspot of Vangvieng district, Vientiane province, are preparing to welcome an influx of visitors under new normal conditions next year, when Laos reopens to tourists.
The Governor of Vangvieng district, Mr Bounchan Malavong, told Vientiane Times that provincial authorities are planning for the return of visitors next year if the government opens up the country to tourists as planned, Visitor attractions and accommodation will be restored and upgraded after being closed for many months during the Covid-19 outbreak. ..More >>>

- PM orders vaccinations for 12-17 age group
Prime Minister Phankham Viphavanh has ordered health authorities to begin vaccinating children aged 12 years and older so that schools can reopen.
The premier issued an order on Wednesday asking authorities in charge to calculate the number of people in the 12-17 age group, which is the latest target group for immunisation.
In his Executive Order No. 24, the PM told authorities to start vaccinating this group this month, in the hope that schools can reopen in the near future. ..More >>>

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- Transport ministry submits draft Law on Land Vehicles to NA
The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has asked the National Assembly to consider and approve a draft law that would better regulate the use of vehicles. Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr Viengsavath Siphandone, said stronger regulation was necessary in light of the increasing number of vehicles on ...More >>>

- University conducts test run of online entrance exams 
Entrance exams to the National University of Laos for the current 2021-2022 academic year will move from the traditional classroom exams to an online process, to avoid physical contact during the Covid-19 outbreak. These will be the first online entrance exams arranged by the university, with more than 13,000 people having registered to ...More >>>

- Agriculture ministry eyes bigger orange sales to China
The Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, is encouraging farmers to grow oranges and limes for export to China, with the fruit to be transported using the Laos-China railway. The move is part of the National Agenda and the Resolution of the National Assembly on the production of crops for export as ....More >>>

- Laos prepares smooth transition to exit LDC status
The government has called for all sectors and stakeholders to prepare for a smooth transition as Laos follows through with plans to graduate from Least Developed Country in 2026. Addressing a virtual meeting on Thursday, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Phoxay Khaykhamphithoune stressed the  ...More >>>

- Two more Covid deaths, 945 new cases
The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control on Wednesday announced that two more people have died from the virus, bringing the total number of Covid-related deaths to 93. One of those who died was a 67-year-old woman from Viengkham district in Vientiane province. She died in hospital on Wednesday....More >>>


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Price of farmed fish drops, price in markets remains stable 
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