National heroine proud to serve national development effort 

Ms Phaengphone Khanthayongthong is the 92nd person to be named a national hero and has become the 23rd woman in Laos to be honoured with this title. This recognition of her valour did not happen by chance but acknowledged the personal sacrifices she made for the revolutionary task.  

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- Young designer to study fashion in Singapore
The first runner-up of the Lao young designer competition 2017, 19-year-old Ms Manivone Vansavath, will study fashion design at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Singapore from this month to improve her skills in fashion.. More >>>
- Young woman’s Phuan handicrafts reawaken ethnic roots
Phuan is one of the ethnic groups of Laos nourished by deep roots in Xieng Khuang province in the nation’s north.. More >>>
- Senior writer proud of winning Mekong Literature Award
Mr Hongheun Khounphithack, a senior poet with more than 40 years of experience in cultural research and writing stories, poems and news articles, is one of the two Lao winners of the Mekong River Literature Awards 2018.. More >>>
- 39-year-old Lao youngest winner of Mekong River Literature Awards
Two members of the Writers’ Association of Laos won the Mekong River Literature Awards this year, including 39-year-old KabkeoThammavong, who was the youngest recipient of the prestigious prize. . More >>>
- The importance of donating blood
This year Ms Nakhonekham Sitthipaseuth is giving blood for the 61st time as a way to help people whose lives could be in danger.
Blood donations have become a habit for her and she has been giving blood since 2001. She donates blood at least three times a year to help ease the high demand for blood in hospitals.. More >>>
- Yoklor chilled coffee taking caffeine to the people
As the temperatures soar during summer months, many folk think about cool drinks that will refresh their energy and help them to beat the heat.. More >>>
- Leading businessman overcomes many setbacks on path to success
Mr Khamphay Somxana is proof that one doesn’t always need fancy degrees and higher educational qualifications to succeed in the complicated world of finance and business.. More >>>
- Khaen playing back in fashion  
Back in 1975, learning to play the khaen was not very popular among students at the National School of Performing Arts in Vientiane. It seemed that the tradition would die out and that young people were ready for change, preferring to forget the habits of their elders.. More >>>
- Bringing a village into kilter with filters
The inhabitants of the Xiengme village cluster in Xaysomboun province, Laos, know better than anyone what an effort putting a simple glass of water on the table can be.  For years, contamination of drinking water and frequently dysfunctional water pipes were a never-ending source of sorrow for the villagers. . More >>>
- Model set sights on more fashion shows after school graduation
Ms Catharine West, a 19-year-old model who participated in the Lao Super Model 2017 event, has graduated from Panyathip International School. . More >>>
- Lao woman awarded for successes in agriculture
Mrs Bouavieng Phetthalanekham, who has been interested in agriculture since she was young, recently won several awards for her perseverance and success in various businesses including her organic farm.. More >>>
- Self-starter launches dream career in dressmaking
Some people may give up their plans to become a dressmaker as they cannot afford the fees for courses, but not Ms Anouson, who paid 30,000 kip for a dressmaking book and learnt everything by herself.. More >>>
- Local TV presenter recognised internationally for work with children
Ever since she was a little girl Ms Sounita Phimmasone, now aged 31, has wanted to work in the media and promote children’s and social issues.. More >>>
- Singapore chefs highlight island nation’s culinary prowess
Award-winning Singapore chefs Vincent Bio, Fabian Teo and Ronnie Seng Who Lee dazzled Lao guests with their culinary skills at an exclusive dinner party held at the Suntara Restaurant in Vientiane by the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore.. More >>>
- From employee to company shareholder
Sitting before a computer screen in her office, the Deputy Managing Director of Burapha Agro-Forestry Company, MsSouphayvanhThiengchanhxay, 50, explains the importance of tree plantations in creating jobs and protecting the environment.. More >>>
- Relentless ambition drives Lao man’s success with grilled pork chain
Most young people in Laos want to work for big companies, international organisations or the government after completing their education, but MrChanphoneVongkham always had different ideas, which led him to create his own chain of outlets selling grilled pork. . More >>>
- Creative Lao woman is proud winner of Outstanding Asean Women Entrepreneurs Award
Mrs Dalyvanh Sitpraxay was one of nine Lao businesswomen who received the Outstanding Asean Women Entrepreneurs Award (AWEN) 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, recently.. More >>>
- One man’s passion for handicrafts inspires a new generation of artisans
Mr Tarreboun Rattanavong loves collecting and preserving handmade bamboo and rattan items that are commnly used for household purposes.. More >>>
- Singer Phetdavone’s star shines bright in Laos
After winning a recent television singing contest in Thailand, Ms Phetdavone Khammanivong has changed dramatically and has received many offers in Laos to showcase her skills and talents.. More >>>
- Blind stool maker crafts his own determined path through life
While life has a way of throwing up all sorts of challenges for us in the pursuit of our dreams, perhaps the best test of character is how we deal with any misfortunes which befall us. . More >>>
- Don’t think that making a khaen is easy
Some people think it must be quite easy to make a khaen, the simple looking traditional Lao musical instrument. In reality, it isn’t easy at all and the instrument can only be made by experts.. More >>>
- Garbage collector reveals job’s dirty secrets
Most of us put on a jacket when it’s cold, especially when we’re leaving home in the early morning, but this man’s jacket zip is open because his work soon makes him hot.
All of his clothes are dirty, from his shoes up to his hat. And even though he’s standing in a truck full of filthy garbage, he often doesn’t bother to wear a mask as he is all too familiar with the fetid smell around him.. More >>>
- Lao historian turns the pages of time
Lao historian and writer Khamphao Phonekeo says he won’t be writing any more books because he’s now 84 and feels he has just about exhausted most aspects of Lao history, as well as his energy for such projects.. More >>>

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